M7, Besigye Expected To Attend Presidential Debate

The Inter Religious Council of Uganda, organizer of the presidential debate has said that the debate will go on as earlier stated on Friday 15th January at Serana Hotel, and all eight presidential candidates are expected to attend.


In a press statement released today, the organizers said that the debate will give all presidential candidates a platform to sell their agenda to Ugandans.

“The debate will be a joint platform for all presidential candidates to share their vision and manifesto to the people of Uganda. It aims at providing a balanced space for all presidential candidates to sell their agenda to all Ugandans and make a commitment to peaceful and violence free 2016 general elections. The debate will include all the eight presidential candidates and be moderated a team of media professionals,” the statement reads in part.

The Inter Religious Council said that the debate’s main objective is to “demonstrate a collaborative effort for an equal, tolerant and harmonious society necessary for a peaceful election,” and “provide public with a platform to engage their leaders on their manifestos and visions for Uganda.”

The two leading presidential candidates; president Museveni and Kizza Besigye last week said they will not participate in the debate.

The National Resistance Movement Campaign Task force spokesperson Mike Sebalu last week said president Museveni who is the party candidate will not attend because their rallies end late and there is no time for Museveni to travel from the countryside districts to Kampala where the debate is going to take place while Besigye said he cannot not participate in the debate if Museveni is not present.

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