M7: Gov’t To Fund Ugandan Scientists

President Yoweri Museveni has noted that Government is to fund Ugandan scientists to enable them further their skills as well as develop the Country’s Industrial Sector.
This was revealed in his State of the Nation Address to Parliament yesterday afternoon while expounding on the country’s industrial sector.

His address focused on three sectors which he said were crucial for accumulation of wealth: Industry, Agriculture, Services and ICT.
Museveni said that he had witnessed skills manifested by scientists at Makerere University like the Electric Motor Car students manufactured which he said left no doubt that when scientists are funded, they can produce good products for the country.

He said that he had instructed the scientists at Makerere to begin work on a solar water pump.

Museveni noted that the President’s Office has already collected names of the scientists at Makerere University involved in this process.

The president said that he would divert money lost in waste by the government to a fund for scientific development to develop the country’s industrial sector. This would in turn create more job opportunities.

Museveni said that with the emphasis that the government has put on transport, electricity and railway, the cost of doing business in Uganda will be lowered and hence make the country’s products more competitive.

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