M7 Has Failed This Country – Prof. Kanyeihamba

M7 Has Failed This Country – Prof. Kanyeihamba

By Serestino Tusingwire

The former Justice of Supreme Court, George Wilson Kanyeihamba has criticized the incumbent president of Uganda, H.E Yoweri K Museveni for failing this country in many occasions.

While appearing on NBS TV this morning, Kanyeihamba arguably said that having kept corrupt officials in his government, it’s enough to show that Museveni has failed the country.

“M7 said there are no permanent friends in politics but we have seen him acknowledge corrupt individuals as good cadres. Therefore, there has been a contradiction. Because of this, President Museveni has failed the country,” Kanyeihamba noted.

He also said that it is high time the country started looking for Museveni’s successor since it is on record that he said he will not rule after the age of 75.

“It’s on record and there is a video where Museveni said that he will not rule after the age of 75. We should look at who will succeed him,” Kanyeihamba said.

However, Kanyeihamba believes that Museveni’s successor will not come from any of the opposition parties since they always have wrangles over any small thing.

The retired Supreme Court judge made it clear that he is among those who campaign for change because “if we are ruled by the same people, it becomes complacent.”

In that very note, he urged the parliament to do all it can to stop Museveni from taking another term and if it fails “we are over 30million Ugandans who can demand change.”

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