M7 Wows Investors At Global African Investment Summit

M7 Wows Investors At Global African Investment Summit

By Serestino Tusingwire

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has tipped investors that Africa particularly Uganda is the right trajectory of development.

While speaking at the Global African Investment Summit in Rwanda on Monday, Museveni told investors that Africa is the right place to invest in because it is the next pusher of the global economy.


To Uganda, Museveni told investors that there are investment opportunities in energy and minerals sector, value addition for agriculture & human resource development, thus tipping them to come and grab their chances as soon as possible.

Museveni however warned the greedy investors who come with the intention of exploiting Ugandans by charging them high tariffs that he will not tolerate that.

“But I must warn greedy investors who charge high tariffs for quick gains at the expense of the people. It’s wrong.” Museveni said.


President’s call for investment comes at a time when MPs are vowing to chase away those who disguise themselves as investors and on reaching, they engage in retail business.

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