Akello shares a pen with Oroch (L) as Mawa (C) looks on during the handover ceremony on Wednesday

Akello shares a pen with Oroch (L) as Mawa (C) looks on during the handover ceremony on Wednesday

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 The people of Madi Okollo district were treated to utter shock on Wednesday when their out-going RDC, Alice Akello handed over an empty office.

This is after all Akello’s files containing valuable information remained under police custody during her handover ceremony.

According to police, they received Akello’s files on August 24, 2021, when the padlock of her office door was vandalized on the orders of Cox Mawa, the Madi Okollo district internal security officer (DISO).

Mawa alleged that the keys to the door of the office which he also shares with the RDC failed to open, thus leading to its vandalization. He said RDC’s files were all taken to police for safety.

The incident occurred at the time Akello was summoned to Kampala to pick her transfer letter. Akello has been transferred to Arua City as the new RCC replacing Martin Oroch who is now the new RDC of Madi Okollo district.

But during the handover ceremony, Akello couldn’t access the files forcing her to hand over an empty office to Oroch. Oroch was able to only receive a stamp as Akello kept on emphasizing that all her files were taken in a mafia-style.

“When I was in Kampala they said the keys to the door got lost and then the door was broken and they took all the files here to police for custody. I couldn’t hand over any files because up to now I haven’t received any. In work there are always challenges, sometimes people don’t cooperate and corruption is a very big issue but it is very difficult to prove,” Akello said.

Humphrey Ouma, the Madi Okollo DPC said RDC Akello’s documents reached police for safety reasons.

“It so happened that the keys to the office of the RDC jammed and refused to open when the Secretary and the DISO tried since they are sharing the same office. The keys refused for two days and there were some sensitive documents which they wanted. So, they thought it wise that they break the door in the presence of the OC Post of Ogoko where the district headquarter is located and access the documents which they wanted,” Ouma explained.

“So, after breaking the door, they did it in the presence of the DISO, the district Engineer and my OC Post. They picked the documents which they wanted; however, they also thought it wise that there is no way the documents of the RDC can be safe when the door is open. So, the DISO instructed the OC to pick all those files and keep them at the police post for safe custody,” Ouma said.

Meanwhile Moses Dalili, the Madi Okollo CAO said during his recent inspection of the blocks at the district, he found out that the locking systems of two doors were vandalized. He said the affected offices are that of the RDC and the Procurement office.

“I have asked the office supervisor and the district Engineer to give me a report on what happened; why those locks were vandalized. Apparently, those doors will have to be replaced. So, the decision to replace them will be determined by what happened,” Dalili said.

He said in the current state, they can’t replace a lock, instead, the doors have to be completely replaced and as an Accounting officer, he would like to know what happened because it has cost implications which he may place on an individual depending on the report he will get.

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