Man in Lamwo Dies Suddenly After Vomiting Blood

Medics in Lamwo district are investigating what could have caused the death of a fifty year old man who died suddenly vomiting blood.

Dr Charles Oyo Akiya, the Lamwo district Health Officer, refused to reveal the identities of the deceased man to protect his family.  He said the man died in Padibe trading centre on Tuesday and was buried shortly after in Pajimo village in neighbouring Kitgum district.

A source in Pajimo village that identified herself only as Rosemary revealed that the deceased was laid to rest by health workers in Pajimo on Thursday.

Rosemary said the medics instructed residents to be vigilant of emerging symptoms on people who had contact with the deceased and immediately report to health centres.

She explained that they have also been asked to avoid body contact, handshakes or sharing cups and water for washing hands as well as traditional funeral practices.

Dr Oyoo says the ailment did not qualify for deadly hemorrhagic fever suspicion criteria and quickly warned that nothing should be left to chance.

He says the man could have died from heart disease, internal bleeding or other diseases that cause sudden death.

According to Dr. Oyoo, children of the deceased are confident that he did not succumb to Marburg or Ebola as he has never moved outside his district.

Molly Ayoo Obua, the Lamwo District Resident District Commissioner, says until explained medically, communities should not take the death for granted.

RDC Obua says medical workers have been put on alert pending the outcome of tests being conducted on samples collected from the remains of the man at Uganda Virus Research Institute in Entebbe on Monday.

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