Maurice Kirya’s Mum Is dead

The music industry is mourning the death of Maurice Kirya’s mother who has been battling cancer at Mulago cancer institute.

kirya mum

Last week, it was romoured that Mama Kirya had passed away but the rumour was quashed by his son, Vampino Kirya well known as Vampino.

“Keep praying for mom so far yo prayers are working and she still here with us. She hears all those that are praying and also fighting to stay with us.”

Yesterday evening, the will of God defeated science and she was declared dead.

Condolence messages are taking over a social network site, Facebook.

Here are some of the messages to the Kirya family;

Neem Nimrod: Sad news coming in. Vampino Kirya Saba Saba Alex Kirya Kira mother has passed away. She has been diagnosed with cancer for some good time but the Lord has taken her. May your soul rest in peace. … God please strengthen the Kirya family. … RIP dear.

Mc Isaac: Rip mama Vampino Kirya.. Maurice Kirya and Saba Saba may God strengthen d Kirya family.

Van Data: Sad news one of my good frnds and artiste hav lost a mother I know Vampino Kirya, Maurice Kirya and sabasaba u guys really loved yo mum we are with you brothers and the Family may yo soul R.I.P mummy

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