Independent presidential candidate John Patrick Amama Mbabazi yesterday was canvassing for support in Eastern district of Busia where he took time to leak secrets of a meeting he had with president Museveni.

mbabazi sevo

Mbabazi, a longtime friend of president Museveni dumped National Resistance Movement (NRM) mid after he was sacked from the position of prime minister and relieved his duties as NRM secretary general.

He attempted to contest for the positions of party flag bearer and National Chairman.

In a meeting in 2011, Mbabazi said he asked Museveni about his new ideas after 30yrs in power. “I asked the President in 2011 that after 30 years what new ideas will you bring? I told him let there be transition of power.”

Mbabazi noted that he informed Museveni about the need to build a strong Uganda. He said after that, he asked Museveni to retire.

“I told him that many of the things we had done were foundational but we had reached a point where we needed to build…And I asked him that night and later in a letter that he should retire. So I refused to support his bid,” Mbabazi recalled.

The Go Forward candidate has presented himself as a candidate for change and peaceful transition of power.

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