Mbarara RCC Lt Col. Mwesigye flagging off towards the commencement of three Major Roads construction in Mbarara City

Mbarara | RedPepper Digital – The Mbarara RCC Lt. Col. James Mwesigye has vowed to arrest Maltiplex Contractors if they don’t do quality work on the project of constructing three major roads in Mbarara City under USMID.

The constructions of the three roads in Mbarara, which include Major Victor Bwana, Galt road and Stanley road, have kicked off after being launched. 

The launching to allow the actual works to commence on the above-mentioned roads was held at Major Victor Bwana on Friday this week led by the Mbarara RCC Mwesigye who cautioned the project contractors

“I was not happy with you people of Maltiplex from the time you had delayed the work to start. Now that you have started I repent and I will give the support required in terms of security. And since you have got the job with all that amount of money of about UGX23b, please do the quality job, finish in time,” said RCC Mwesigye vowing to take action if the contractor did otherwise..

He further urged locals and politicians to work hand in hand with the contractor and avoid connivance in the project which results in corruption. 

According to Mayor Robert Mugabe Kakyevezi said that the problem why these roads particularly Major Victor Bwana were not worked on issue was from procurement but thank God that it has come to an end.

“I, therefore, urge the contractors that for as long as you did your job in a good way; for us, we shall be with you and our support, we expect you to do better than Abubaker Construction companies, please don’t embarrass us,” said Kakyebezi.

He further requested Traders who are working along Victor Bwana to immediately vacate or extend away distance to enabling constructions to go on smoothly. ” I don’t want any violence here that traders are resisting from go away from the road where they are currently operating from when development comes then you can’t sabotage it, so I will not tolerate anyone intending to resist towards the construction of these roads,” said Kakyebzi.

Initially, a group of traders were resisting to vacate the road reserve at Victor Bwana where they were operating from especially those who do furniture saying that they have to be compensated for their working space.

Kakyevezi further requested the contractor to ensure that they employ the people from Mbarara so that they can also benefit from this project.

According to Joash Nyakango, the project manager Maltiplex said that everything is in place. He said that they pledge as contractors that they are going to do this job within the expectations of budget, cost and quality.

“It has been long overdue and waited by the people of the city; so we really pledge the best of our efforts because we are fully mobilized on the site as you can see we have all the equipment, the personnel and the materials, we shall do this job as per the expectations of the employer,” said Nyakango the contract manager.

Reports made to this website indicate that there were delays given the commencement date for this contract was in May 2021 but issues related to design stalled since it was an employer-led contract.

This project is mandated to be completed by 26/06/2022 according to the contract agreement.

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