Mb’ra NRM Boss, opposition leaders clash

Amos Tayebwa
Mbarara City NRM General Secretary Polly Katwire has blasted the Opposition members who go  against the activities done by team MK project and Team Chairman.
Speaking to our reporter, Katwire who doubles as the Chairman Team Chairman / Team MK Mbarara City has criticized the words used by some of the Opposition Members who abuse team MK supporters / Team Chairman. Katwire has blasted Bright Muhumuza, the Mbarara NUP coordnator that he should stop insulting  people whom  he doesn’t fall with in the same political affiliation.  Muhumuza is the former NUP candidate for Mbarara City South MP seat.
While in attending thanks giving function at certain Church in Mbarara,  this NUP member attacked a group of members from Team MK project who had come for the  function in Mbarara and told them that they are not supposed to bring politics in the church. Muhumuza further said that the church is for the all categories of people but  not to entertain for politics. Muhuza’s reaction came after the team MK or team chairman  came in church as a team and gave out their contribution towards support of GNTV which was celebrating two years in  existence. Team Chairman led by the Vice Chairman under Team MK project,  Ben Akatukwatsa, were able to raise about 12m as their pledge in supporting the facility. This never amused Muhumuza who got a microphone and criticized about the dressing code of the team chairman claiming that they are not supposed to come in church branding themselves as Team MK, that they were not supposed to come in church and start spreading around the Team MK project.
“This is a place of worshippers so I don’t encourage politics in such places, you are forcing us someone that we are not ready for, I don’t care about your pledge but what I have observed you are using church places to sell yo project ” said Muhumuza.
In response, Chairman Katwire while speaking to our reporter recently, he said that church is a place that accommodates each category of  people. That team Chairman did not bring themselves for the above mentioned function, that the owner of the church and the Television is the one who had invited Team Chairman to come for a thanks giving function. That  Michael Toyota Kaguta, the Team Chairman was invited as the chief Guest to honor  this function. And as team, they came purposely to accompany their Boss and to support the Church and the TV, the activity which  they claim to have done perfectly.
” I want to tell our friends  that most of the opposition members in Uganda are always there to sabotaging any program which they think is connected to NRM. Now some of them think that team MK project is geared by  NRM but they forget that Team MK project is just a pressure group that is meant to build up the next generation as far as political career  is concerned. By the way, for us we shall not be intimidated by the Opposition people, we shall make sure that whatever we do is appreciated by the public” said Katwire.
“For example last time at King of Kings Church, one of NUP members Bright Muhumuza tried to disorganize and confuse the congregation but people knew him and his characters, they never gave him attention. He was against us over branding ourselves as Team MK, but its true we are team MK project and it did not mean that  politicking in the church, for us we had come to support our Bishop and his television. Muhumuza himself is a failure, he contested for an MP slot here in Mbarara and he was the  last, now how can such a person come up to criticize us. If he thought we had brought politics in the church, then  why did he also attack us in front of the masses. First of all, the owner of the church had invited us as team chairman so it was our right to brand ourselves and we supported the Television and the Church because GNTV has also supported us” he added.
Katwire further noted that People on the ground in Mbarara still demand to meet MK ( Muhoozi Kainerugaba) as it was organised before. He said that people were a bit disappointed last time when they had organised tournaments awaiting  for MK but  eventually he didn’t make it.

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