Mb’ra Town Clerk, Division council contradicts on Rwenjeru land saga

Amos Tayebwa
There is a contradiction between the Mbarara City Town Clerk and the Mbarara City North Division Councilors on the issue of Rwenjeru Government Land that is being grabbed by the LC1 Boss as alleged. The City Boss who is the custodian of all government lands within the City has disagreed with the resolution made by the Division council about the above-mentioned land.
A few days ago, Mbarara City North Division Council led by their Speaker Silver Mugisha passed a resolution to put a livestock market on government land that is in dispute with the Rwendama   LC1, Enock Rwefurija who claims ownership of that land. Without any objection, the Division Council sat and resolved that as a way to take over or rescue that land from the LC1 Boss who claims this government land, they have to occupy that land as council and put a livestock market.
From the motion that was raised by  Councilor Beatrice  Kekivure representing Rwenjeru ward, the council agreed that the Livestock market should be put on that land to stop Rwefurika from claiming government land. Johnbabtist Magembe, one of the councilors also proposed that Rwenjeru land that is in dispute be put under Curvet and the process of putting a livestock market be started.
Councilors also resolved that all division lands which are idle be leased up to developers to protect them from Land grabbers.
While speaking to Our reporter later after the council meeting, Assey Abireebe the Mbarara City Town Clerk challenged the Division Council resolution that they lacked guidance while passing such resolutions. He said that Mbarara City North Division Leaders must be reminded that they don’t have any land in Rwenjeru as they claim.
 He said that the land which they claim belongs to the Ministry of works where PIDA was operating some years back.
Abireebe said that neither Mbarara City Council nor City North Division owns land at Rwenjeru where PIDA  was operating from. However, the piece of land at Rwendama Cell in Rwenjeru ward Mbarara City Division belongs to the Ministry of Works, and its the only Ministry that works to decide how to use its land. He adds that Mbarara City is the Custodian of Government lands in the City, its role, in this case, is only to protect them but not by using them. He said that they would rather recommend their resolutions to Mbarara City Council for guidance and final decisions on some of these lands.
 Abireebe also said that the division has no policies on some of the lands, especially on what to do on those lands or how to utilize them, and that they have to get guidance from the Center. He vowed to revise these resolutions once they reach him and give proper guidance.
Division Speaker Mugisha said that for them as Council they have done their part and made the resolutions which they feel are lawfully, therefore it will be upon the Executive committee to implement those ones which go by the policy under the guidance from the Center.

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