Minister Kutesa dragged to court over bribery allegations

By Patson Baraire

A concerned citizen Mr Brian Atuheire has sued the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sam Kutesa over allegations that he received a bribe from a Chinese investor .

Mr Brian Atuheire who swore Affidavit

According to the Motion Notice received by High Court Dec 18th 2018, Atuheire wants court to declare Kutesa unfit to hold a public office of the Minister for Foreign Affairs and also be held criminally liable for acts of getting involved in corruption.

The Notice was filed under Miscellaneous No 377 of 2018 and the Petitioner Mr Brian Atuheire has sworn in Affidavit from which he will be cross examined in court.

The Notice of Motion miscellaneous No 377 of 2018 which High Court received with intention to declare Minister Kutesa unfit to hold public office 

Atuheire who wants the Attorney General to also appear as a respondent in this case , therefore wants Minister Kutesa to immediately vacate his office and wants High Court to order the Attorney General to immediately commence criminal proceedings against him.

Mr Atuheire in his sworn Affidavit with the commissioner of Oath said that Kutesa as Minister of Foreign Affairs , in May 2016 received a bribe worth US$ 500,000 from the former Hong Kong Minister of Home Affairs Patrick Ho Chi Ping contrary to section 2 (a)iii of the Anti Corruption Act.

He said that the bribe was in a bid to secure business dealings in Railway services, infrastructure, construction, fishing , hydro energy , banking and finance for Chinese Conglomerate China Energy Ltd.It’s alleged that Kutesa received the money via wire transfer from HSBC Bank in Hong Kong (China) through intermediary HSBC Deutsche Bank in New York USA to Stannic Bank in Uganda on May 6th 2016.

However , the court in USA recently found Mr Patrick Ho guilty of international money laundering and was sentenced, therefore the recipient Mr Sam Kutesa should also be declared guilty.

Atuheire said that on Dec 10th Uganda President Yoweri Museveni while addressing a press conference referred to the bribe money received by Kutesa as a ‘gift’ which was an acknowledgement that that the money was received and therefore he should have declared it to the Inspector General of Government as required by laws in Uganda.

However it has now emerged that Mr Kutesa now has several projects in his Mawogola constituency where he started developmental projects using the alleged bribe.According to Fred Karakure , the LC 3 chairman Lugusulu sub county in Ssembabule district , Minister Kutesa is building a Technical Institute to help the youth acquire life skills that can help in providing employment.

Another resident Victoria Mayiga , the Chairperson of Ssembabule Women Farmers Sacco (SEWOFS CO) said that Minister Kutesa has boosted their Sacco with funds to help women get loans at a lower interest rate.With this development and now that the matters of alleged bribe are due in court we wait to see if Minister Kutesa is vindicated.

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