Mirundi To Quit State House Job

Tamale Mirundi


President Museveni’s spokesperson Joseph Tamale Mirundi is on his way out of government; Red Pepper has exclusively learnt.

Tamale Mirundi
Tamale Mirundi

The mortar-mouthed man from Rakai, who refers to himself as Museveni’s barking dog, is under pressure to throw in the towel by his family.

The family wants him to resort to private life after years of serving but at the same time ‘creating enemies’ for them.

In fact, the family held a meeting over the weekend.

The meeting took place at his home and was allegedly chaired by his elder brother identified as Ssali. All other Mirundi’s siblings according to his close pals attended.

The meeting was summoned to persuade Mirundi to quit Museveni’s government and resort to private life.

Insiders close to his family alerted us that the meeting was prompted by two issues which the family claims is as a result of Mirundi’s service to this regime.

One was that, their mother was some time back attacked by unknown thugs.

This attack according to insiders in the family was attributed to Mirundi’s continued outbursts against almost everyone that the family failed to know who could have been behind this attack.

Secondly, the family claims that much as their brother has spent ages in Museveni’s government, there is nothing much the family is proud of his being in the regime.

The most hurting issue according to sources was the fact that Mirundi continues to abuse people but the ones he calls thugs in government, are the same people president Museveni is appointing to juicy positions.

“You have been in this government for many years but what do we show as a family. We are worried because you have created a lot of enmity to this family by attacking whoever passes around. What makes us even more concerned is that; the people you attack calling them thieves are the same people your master is giving promotions! Are we safe? What if one day these people choose to attack our family yet we have gained nothing?” top sources quoted one of the family members as grilling Mirundi.

Another member added that; “All along, you have been attacking Mengo government calling them all sorts of names. But what message do you pick from recent actions by the president towards Mengo? Isn’t he the same person who gave gifts and hundreds of millions to Mengo for Kabaka’s birth day party? Where does this leave us as members of the family where you come from? Why don’t you quit government and start private life so that we can live peacefully?”

The same family expressed fear that Mirundi acts as if he is Museveni’s mercenary whose work is to execute all deadly missions for him.

The mission includes attacking powerful individuals whom the president allegedly fears to tackle himself but fights them through Mirundi who acts as his proxy.

Sources told us that it was at this point that the members allegedly asked Mirundi to make up his mind. However, the man according to sources denied being Museveni’s mercenary but instead serves the whole country.

“I am not Museveni’s mercenary. I am not serving his personal interests but I am serving the country. What I can confirm is that I am not going to seek renewal of my contract. I also share your concerns but allow me time to complete my contract,” sources quoted him as saying.

According to sources, Mirundi who sounded grumbling in the meeting stated that he is quitting government in 2016.

“For sure, why should I remain here? Unless they appoint me to another level but I think it is my time to call it quits. Let someone else take up this job. I want to live a private life. I have served in this office for long and it is time for me to quit. I am not seeking renewal of my contract,” sources quoted him as telling the terrified members.

When contacted for a comment on phone, Mirundi neither confirmed nor denied the story.

“Matters of my family are not for public consumption. If a meeting was held how is it a concern of the media? What you should know is that I have served and when my time comes to go I will go. I was not born to be in this position until death! I must move on and soon I will make my position clear,” he said on phone.


He has been a press secretary to the president for the last ten years. Among his battles he has fought includes that of KCCA, UTODA, Amama Mbabazi, Sam Kutesa, Robert Kabushenga and Mengo among others.

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