MPs Grill Musisi Over Illegal Structures

KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi

KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi
KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi

Uganda’s legal and parliamentary affairs committee has put KCCA on the spot to explain the manner in which the issue of illegal structures is being handled. 

The committee tasked Jennifer Musisi, the KCCA Executive director this afternoon to explain how the authority determines illegal structures arguing that the authority lacks proper planning.

Wilfred Niwaga, the Ndorwa East MP accused the authority of targeting specific structures leaving out many others. Crispus Ayena, the Oyam North MP asked where the authority was when the so called illegal structures were being erected. He asked Musisi to explain why there is selective demolition of the illegal structures.

Medard Segona, the Busiro East MP asked if the owners of the illegal structures are given any alternative saying the money of the affected people should be refunded since it is the same authority that gives them operating licenses. Segona asked Musisi to be empathetic and strike a balance between the need to have an orderly and organized city and the need for survival.

Abdu Katuntu, the Bugweri county MP also demanded to know whether the Authority’s department of physical planning has a full survey of the entire city and data on illegal structures.  He advised the Authority to come up with a master plan on how to demolish illegal structures.

Musisi told the legislators that KCCA inherited a lot of challenges and illegalities that can’t be resolved overnight. She said the city had lost direction in terms of planning and management adding that, reorganizing it is a process that takes time.

She also said that in a bid to put the city back in order; she and her team have encountered many challenges which she attributes to the laxity in the enforcement of the law. She said the Authority is not responsible for the city’s mess but it is working hard to clean it up, a task she says isn’t easy.

Musisi had appeared before the committee to respond to the recommendations in the report of the Inspectorate of Government that proposed the demolition of various buildings.

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  1. her ascription that she inherited the problems from her predecessors does not hold water.if the structures had been okayed by the then council then how does it turn out to be illegal.she to understand the term illegal it entails

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