MPs Petition ULS, Speaker over Nyombi Conduct

Attorney General Peter Nyombi.

Attorney General Peter Nyombi
Attorney General Peter Nyombi

A cross section of opposition Members of Parliament have petitioned the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga and the President of the Uganda Law Society Ruth Ssebatindira over Attorney General Peter Nyombi’s alleged attack on Judge Yasin Nyanzi.

There have been reports in the media indicating that Nyombi wants to Nyanzi-the judge that issued an injunction against the impeachment of Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago to disqualify himself from handling the matter any further saying he is biased.

But the MPs argue that they are alarmed by the persistent attacks on the judiciary by agents of the state led by the government’s legal advisor who they say gives more political advice than legal.

The Petitioners include Kyadondo East MP Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda, Masaka municipality MP Mathias Mpuuga, mukono municipality MP Betty Nambooze, Rubaga South MP Ken Lukyamuzi, Butambala MP Muwanga Kivumbi and Luweero woman MP Brenda Nabukenya.

They say that the attack has far reaching consequences since it confirms public fears that the judges nominated by the Judicial Service Commission are partisan. Nyombi is a member of the commission

The Members say they are moving under rule 28 sub section 4 of the Parliamentary Rules of Procedure which requires that the petition can be presented without any specified number of signatures supporting the petition.

The Petitioners want the law society to invoke it’s rules and suspend indefinitely the Attorney General Peter Nyombi for undermining and persistently harassing Justice Yasin Nyanzi.

They also want parliament to constitute an ad hoc committee to investigate the conduct of Peter Nyombi and to withdraw its confidence in him if found culpable.

They add that the Legislature is aware of scenes that ensued at KCCA on November 25th 2013 when a Court Order was disobeyed as well as the misleading Legal opinion on the appointment of a chief justice that has left the Country without a substantive Chief Justice.

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4 thoughts on “MPs Petition ULS, Speaker over Nyombi Conduct

  1. I think the members are free to complain but they should challenge his position legally and show that it holds no water instead of simply petitioning the ULS. let them show that the arguments AG gives are not sound and then we shall believe them. that is how professional people should operate.

    1. You might be right on what MPs should do, but whether or not the AG thinks the judge is biased, the court order has to be respected. It is very clear that the executive was unhappy with that court order, which effectively nullified the impeachment exercise (implying that Lukwago is still Mayor). On account of their “UNHAPPINESS”, they have acted with impunity to defy that court order!! That is why, for 2 good months, the executive has used MILITARY FORCE to deny the Lord Mayor his lawful right to hold office and serve his electorate! He has even complained publicly that his salary and all entitlements were stopped. So if you believe that people should legally challenge what dissatisfies them, why doesn’t the AG and KCCA go ahead to challenge the court order, instead of using MILITARY FORCE to prevent the Mayor from carrying out his work?? Law is Law – and everyone has to accept to be governed under the law. Until another court instrument or judgement changes that position, the status quo has to be upheld (The Mayor has to remain in office), but your friend AG Peter Nyombi is the one pioneering the defiance of the court order – don’t you find that strange?

      1. Many thanks Muslim-you said it all. why don’t they obey the court order. where is the rule of law in Uganda? why use force when we have laws? Police should have enforced the law by allowing Mayor to occupy his office. But unfortunately the partisan police is doing what it is known to do best.

    2. No ! The AG is the one who accused Judge Yasin Nyanzi is being baised. He should be the one to prove that Nyanzi is baised. I think it is not wise for the AG to start this game . In future ,any lawyer that does not like a particular Officer of the Court to handle a case might also throw the same accusations about.
      Professionals must avoid subjective excuses when they anticipate that they are not going to win a case. It should be enough for the Office of AG to prove that the court order that Jugde Nyanzi issued was valid or not.

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