MPs Task Rights Body on Protecting Life

Members of Parliament on the committee of Human rights have asked the Uganda Human Rights Commission-UHRC to propose strategies to protect the right of Ugandans to life.

Mukono Municipality MP Betty  Nambooze
Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze

The MPs contend that several Ugandans are being killed each day and they want commission to advise government on better ways of protecting their lives.

Alice Alaso, the Serere District Woman says Ugandans can no longer rely on police for security because they have prioritized protecting political interests at the expense of the lives of innocent Ugandans. Alaso says the commission should suggest better proposals to government and remind Uganda police force of its core responsibilities.

The MPs also want the commission to warn government against the shoot to kill policy. Joy Atim, the Lira district woman MP wants the commission to sensitize police officers who are being directed to shoot to kill that their rights too are being violated.

The MPs also pointed out the issue of the death sentence saying that no one has a right to deny another human being a right to life. Medi Kagwa, the chairperson Uganda Human Rights Commission notified the committee that the commission has raised the issues of the death sentence to government in their previous reports but are yet to receive a conclusive response.

However, Betty Nambooze, the Mukono Municipality MP said some culprits deserve a death penalty saying that people who take away life should be punished the same way.   In his response Kagwa said no one deserves to be punished by death adding that, death does not punish.

Kagwa also argued that a life sentence is worse than a death sentence. He said that the commission is still engaging government to ban the death penalty.

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