Former PAC chairman Kassiano Wadri

Members of Parliament on the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) have demanded that the committee leadership provides them lunch arguing that the committee sits for longer hours.

PAC chairman Kassiano Wadri
PAC chairman Kassiano Wadri

This was revealed by committee chairman Kassiano Wadri who furiously lashed out at the members saying that PAC is like all the other committees of parliament and cannot be treated any differently.

Wadri said that no doubt PAC is the busiest committee of parliament but it receives the same funds and privileges like the other committees.

While addressing the press with his Vice Paul Mwiru, Wadri said that the members claim that they were given lunch during the time when the now Leader of Opposition Nandala Mafabi chaired the committee

Wadri said that his committee does not receive any funds for lunch saying that the committee now is under a different funding from the PAC of the 8th parliament.

He said the previous PAC was in the past funded by some projects under the Ministry of Finance but added that the project ended.

He added that he is not sure whether former PAC chairman Nandala Mafabi provided lunch with his own funds adding that he cannot perform miracles.

He said that if the members expect him to extort money from witnesses to provide for them lunch, he will not be part of it.

He also said that there are some politicians who have gone on media saying that the current PAC is not performing and that the previous PAC performed better.

He challenged them to mention any government official that was executed successfully as a result of the previous committee which was in office for five years adding that his committee which has been in office for only two and a half years is responsible for the exit of two senior ministers and the prosecution of an influential businessman.

A PAC report on the compensation of Haba group of companies led to the resignation of former gender minister Syda Bbumba and former minister in charge of general duties Khiddu Makubuya.

Wadri is confident that even the other reports that the committee hasn’t tabled yet like the mismanagement of the PRDP funds in the office of the prime minister and the report on presidential initiative on markets.

He said that to solve the conflicts resulting from committee trips, the committee has come up with a new policy assigning trips according to attendance.

Wadri says he is not worried about the on-going review about the work done by committees because he is confident his committee has done a commendable job.

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  1. It is a Shame for these Honourables to demand Lunch , soon they will demand extras , Ugandans Wake and put a stop this kind of Nonsense , I have visited Parliaments in the UK , India , Kenya and Senate , you have to buy your eats from the Canteen or restaurants, depending on your pocket, free is water in the corridors .

  2. The country is surely in trouble! The MPs know why they went to Parliament and can cause Wadri problems! These are the kind of hypocrites the pope referred to on Monday; they are socially challenged.

  3. Kassiano Wadri be a gentleman there no free food that is being serve in any of the government sitting no matter how long during brake time you have to cough out for your bites from your own pocket, do not expect to be look after by the government.

  4. They should provide their own lunch from the exhorbitant salaries and allowances they already earn. What they are perpetuating is greed in another language!!!

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