MUK Student Faces Arrest Over Leaked Sex Video

Zaitoon Ahmed Kasutrana, a city socialite and MUK student whose nude snaps have been circulating all over social media for weeks, faces arrest over her leaked sex video.


This comes after my sources revealing that Zaitoon could be behind the leakage of both the sex video and her nude pictures.

In the said sex video, Zaitoon is seen filming herself lying on a bed, massaging her massive Sumbi, while whimpering and moaning softly.

Dressed on a blue blouse with nothing else below, Zaitoon is seen pleasing herself like a real Wankstar, touching her Kitone in a very wanton manner while licking and tenderly biting her lips, something she does until she explodes.

Several snapshots of Zaitoon in her leaked nude pictures also depict her as a Wank-star who really knows how to satisfy herself.

In the snaps which she took herself through a mirror reflection using her smart phone, Zaitoon is pictured dressed on a pink night dress, which she parts aside while standing so as to get access to her Thighland.

In other snaps she is seen ferociously plowing her River Between with fingers until the Wetland gushes.

Zaitoon was until recently being bonked by a city businessman identified as Shafik Kinganira aka Coach, who has a an electronics store at Energy Centre building in Kampala, whose wife is said to have leaked her nude pictures after landing on them in Coach’s phone.

This means that if Zaitoon is found to have a hand in the leakage of her sex video then she faces higher chances of being arrested.

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