Museveni Calls For Express Cultural Audit

President Museveni And Energy Minister Irene Muloni walks in to launch Imbalu

President Yoweri Museveni has asked cultural leaders across the country to conduct an express audit on the cultural practices and customs to save the country and its citizen from some vices.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

According to Museveni, some cultural practices and norms are obsolete and misleading and should therefore be abandoned.

He said this while presiding over the official launch of imbalu, the  traditional Bamasaba circumcision organized by Inzu Ya Masaba at Mutoto cultural grounds on Tuesday about 7 kilometers from Mbale town.

He asked all the cultural leaders to work together with their council members, subjects and government to list down all important cultural practices and customs in order to modernize or abandon those that cannot stand the test of Uganda’s moral standards. Museveni said this will help to streamline a number of moral issues in the country.

He cited Imbalu, which he said some people were abusing by using one knife on several candidates, which fuels the spread of HIV/ Aids.

President Museveni And Energy Minister Irene Muloni walks in to launch Imbalu
President Museveni And Energy Minister Irene Muloni walks in to launch Imbalu

Citing his own kinsmen, the Banyakole Museveni said they used to drink raw milk but abandoned it after he and others sensitized them against the practice which was considered part of their culture.

He also encouraged the cultural leaders to start writing their own local dictionary in which they would document important practices and languages to help streamline the future generation.

Wilson Wabimbi, the leader of Inzu ya Masaba welcomed the president’s suggestions saying it was worth considering. He said some cultural practices were not worth pursuing and therefore should be abandoned but didn’t cite any specific example.

The inauguration of imbalu which is considered an important cultural tradition in Bamasaba attracted several dignitaries including several cabinet ministers, members of parliament and two governors who represented President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Six boys between 14 -19 years of age were ceremoniously circumcised to mark the start of the Imbalu calendar, which will run till December. The traditional Bamasaba circumcision is held each even year to initiate boys into manhood.

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  1. This time I will agree with M7’s observation, surely the circumcision ritual needs modernization, though not abandoning. If this ritual, binds people together and still adds value to their cultural expression, then should continue, but in a modern form whereby individuals rights are respected, the ritual either to be conducted privately or in public.

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