Nabukenya Thrown Out of Parliament

Sexy Luwero woman legislator, Brenda Nabukanya has lost her parliamentary seat after High Court in Kampala ruled that fresh elections be held.

Democratic Party’s Nabukenya beat Rebecca Nalwanga of the National Resistance Movement by 30 votes. She polled 14, 945 votes compared to Nalwanga’s 14,915 votes in the by-election held last November.

Nalwanga challenged the results in court citing a decision by the electoral body to block a recount of the vote.

While delivering the ruling on Thursday, Justice Vincent Zehurikirize reasoned that Nalwanga had registered her complaint in time.

Nabukenya is one of the youngest legislators in parliament. She made headlines last year when she attempted to organize ‘birth day’ party for President Yoweri Museveni. This event was not allowed to go ahead after the Police blocked her from accessing City Square, one of the capital’s freedom squares.

This also follows major losses registered by the ruling National Resistance Movement in recent Parliamentary by-elections.

Therefore, the ruling National Resistance Movement will welcome this ruling and hope to reverse a trend of by-election losses it has suffered in the last year.

Nabukenya surprised many when she won the Luwero District MP seat bearing in mind the area has been the base of NRM’s support in central. Its here that the National Resistance Movement fought much of the battle that brought it to power in 1986.


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5 thoughts on “Nabukenya Thrown Out of Parliament

  1. God is great, he has remembered his servants and the evil ones are now in ashes!! Oh Dear God, our next PRAYER to you: Listen and answer cries of thousands of children NRM’s Alintuma Nsambu was feeding in Masaka.

  2. It is all about eating.Nnabukenya or whoever ,dont benefit the ordinary poor Ugandan. They are after making political impressions and enriching themselves. So neither Can i mourn nor jubilate her Fall. It is only if we have service delivery and no corruption that we ordinary wannainchi shall smile again.

  3. the other day was global fund,yesterday termagalo ,today is chogam,oli bribe nusafu funds & finally by-elections are like by-elections .

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