Namubiru composes Song for Epenu


Singer Iryn Namubiru has composed a song for her new lover and NTV news anchor Gabriel Epenu, so we are told. Snoops have established that the song is titled “Anyereketa” and was written by Nice Henry.

Ugandan DIVA Iryn Namubiru
Ugandan DIVA Iryn Namubiru

According to sources, in the song, Namubiru heaps praise on Epenu, going about how handsome he is; somewhere in one of the verses, she promises to always be by his side because he did not abandon her when she was incarcerated in Japan.

Namubiru and Epenu have been seeing each other for close to five months now. However, Epenu’s ex-lover and baby mama identified as Safina seems to have unsolved issues with him and we hear she has vowed Namubiru will not find it an easy ride snatching her man.

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  1. When will you compose one for me Iryn? I shed loads of tears for you when you were arrested in Japan after that man who was borne brainless put some drugs in you bag?

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