NAWANGWE @5 SCANDALS (PART 1)! How phone number saved as “MY DOG” nearly crashed Makerere VC’s marriage

Nawangwe, wife and their three children

Nawangwe, wife and their three children

Makerere University council, the institution’s top governing body, last month deemed it fit to hand incumbent vice chancellor Prof Barnabas Nawangwe a second term in office.

Nawangwe was first appointed in 2017 on a five-year contract which expired on 31 August this year. He was appraised and handed another term which will take him up to 2027, despite protests from a section of staffers citing irregularities.

Nevertheless, by the look of things, the man from Busia is here to stay until his second term expires.

However, his first five years in office did not pass without drama. And in this article we are revisiting his first term focusing on scandals that headlined his office—some are public while others have never been told.

We shall be serializing them and today we start with a phone number which troubled his home for some months.

According to sources we talked to for this story, the first months in office were not easy for Nawangwe. He had to first deal with who was going to be his successor in the office of the deputy vice chancellor in charge of finance and administration.

Back and forth meetings were held and some of the attendees included current Speaker Thomas Tayebwa (then a council member) and then appointments Board Chairperson Bruce Balaba Kabasa.

It was during these discussions that one of  Nawangwe’s aides whispered about Prof William Bazeyo as a suitable candidate—the rest is history. As he labored to reorganize his administration, Nawangwe had to divide time between the institution and family.

His (twice younger than his age) wife Susan, is a deeply spiritual lady who doesn’t miss prayer sessions with friends at a certain born again church in Kampala (names withheld). It is not clear whether she still goes there. It is from this prayer group that she was tipped to add an extra eye on her hubby given his new status as VC.

It was not very late when she started hearing unsubstantiated rumors about her hubby. According to knowledgeable family members, at one time she realized that a certain number saved as “MY DOG” in his phone was among the most dialed. She secretly probed it and was reportedly linked to a middle aged (in 40s) good looking female staffer in the main building before it was burnt.

His closeness to this staffer in the revenue department coupled with those early morning meetings unwittingly caused him untold stress at home.  The two ladies even at one time confronted each other and almost exchanged blows. At one time Susan temporarily left his Kisasi home for three weeks but matters were later resolved. Nawangwe, a Russian trained architect by profession,  has three kids with Susan-a boy and two girls.  He married Susan after splitting with his Russian wife, Marina in 2004.

The female staffer, purported to be a source of trouble, was even transferred from revenue to the planning department. But recently she was transferred back to the main building.

Thank God, all these matters were resolved and Nawangwe was able to concentrate on his job, performed well and he has now earned a second kisanja. In part 2 we shall reveal why Nawangwe fell out with his once all powerful close aide Elias Nuwagaba, over allegations of being close to his wife. (DO YOU HAVE A HOT STORY (CHEATERS, DIVORCE, VIDEOS, CORRUPTION, LAND WRANGLES, EXPOSES …ETAL) YOU WOULD LIKE US TO PUBLISH? CALL/TEXT/WHATSAPP 0777959024 OR EMAIL

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