OVERDOSE! Mr.Hyena gets Xmas bonus, lays two dames kachain style


For a mere 70k, I had a threesome on Christmas night with two married women.

I still can’t believe it. In fact, it has since triggered lots of questions about what my baby mamas were doing while I was doing that.

Also, after observing the fornication done in the month leading to several Christmases, I am starting to suspect it wasn’t the son of God born on that day.

Therefore, I am requesting experts to use current technology, to go back in time and see who really was born on that famous day. Was it God or Saitwain’s son? Because lots of events (i.e accidents and fornication) in preparations to that particular birthday seem to indicate it’s the latter’s day.

That said, let me also say, “Poverty is indeed the root cause of all evils.” This, I say, based on the adultery I commit with broke women to support their lifestyles.

As well as the number of broke women willing to give up their dignity for money. Hair and shoes are some of the reasons frequently given.

If women were food, I would have had enough by Christmas. Because, on average, I bone three daily in the month leading to your LORD’s birthday.

Take last Xmas, the more I nailed them, the more I lusted for them. On the 24th, I bumped into Mzei Senzoga’s daughter Angel. She was with her fraternal cousin whose name I learnt was Ruth.

Apart from being brown, there isn’t anything special about Angel and Ruth. They are the average village young belles each with two kids.

But Angel and I had been flirting for like five years. It started when she got pregnant. And whenever I bumped into her, I would be like “nga walaba nesajja.” Then I vowed to father her second child.

When she got pregnant again, and I was like “we had a deal”, Angel replied accusing me of not having work. As in I was impotent.

Despite being a chronic adulterer, I somehow overlooked her partly because when she got pregnant the first time, she moved in with the dude who lived like thirty kilometers away.

Anyways, on Xmas eve, I bumped into Angel with an equally brown belle and instantly concluded they were kin. After formalities, I begged to know who the stranger was to which Angel replied asking if she should give her to me.

Not suspecting there was some truthfulness in Angel ‘statement, I said “I will have the both of you in a threesome.” To which Angel replied, “If you hear him talking, you can think he will do anything.”

And I was, “Am serious!” Which made both laugh. “We can see. We shall be waiting for you.”

At this point let me inform all husbands whose wives celebrated Xmas elsewhere. There are high chances that some other man enjoyed your bearded meat.

That I say basing on married women I bone on Xmas. On this particular Xmas eve, while Mary was in labor, I was busy drilling married women like they were cheap bimbos.

Time check: 8pm. I was doing mama Aisha, a supposedly happily married woman, whom I gave 20k for service rendered. Shortly, after parting ways, I switched on my phone only to find like twenty who called messages from Nagawa. On calling back she asked, “were you serious or I go home and sleep?”

This Nagawa is Sarongo Segawa’s daughter. She is married in Kigorobya, but had come to celebrate JC’s birthday with her family.

Upon catching up, I worked her like I had paid 100 elephants as her dowry when in fact she was giving me ko not sure how much I was to give her. After our business, we parted ways at 5am.

I escorted Nagawa to her sister’s place where she was supposedly spending the night. As I walked back, I got a call from Mrs. Gitta, “I will be very busy later in the day so if you want anything from me….we have to do it early.”

We met in the bush behind the Adventists church and had a quickie. She promised to give me more as soon as the police left. Police being Mr. Gitta – her hubby.

It’s like Mrs. Gitta blessed my day, by 2pm Xmas day, I had nailed three belles which made me feel kind of dizzy. So, I went to Toofa’s shop, bought some yogurt to boost my brain.

While there, Angel and Ruth came to buy sodas to accompany lunch. Angel and I flirted as usual and while at it, I reaffirmed my plea of a threesome.

“Let him give us one million,” Ruth said. To which Angel was, “olabano akuwa akakadde! A man who can’t even buy a bottle of soda!”

I jumped in pleading that one million was a lot of money but I could afford fifty thousand. Now that I said thinking it was something belles who had attended church like an hour back couldn’t indulge in.

Not to mention fifty thousand being an amount too little for an orgy.

“Make five hundred thousand and we give you,” Angel said. But I insisted, I could only afford fifty thousand, “unless you want me to cheat you.” To that Ruth replied saying I would first hand them the money.

“Detoothers!” I thought. However, Angel interrupted my thoughts when she said, “if you’re serious, buy us some beer.”

On hearing that, I was like, “she wants to detooth me.” But something possessed me and made me tell Toofa to give them a crate of beer. “Thank you,” they both said as they knelt down. But Toofa must have thought I was pulling their legs so he said, “Order with cash.”

The strange force that has possessed me, made me reach into my pocket out of which I pulled money, and handed Toofa a fifty thousand shillings note.

After all the women in the village had eaten, they went on an adultery committing rampage. By 10pm, I had boned five women. Those plus the three, I had nailed after Mrs. Gitta totaled eight belles.

Now Patu was officially opening his bar (you see, those things of lockdowns don’t work in my village….bars are open twenty four seven) and he had put a three speakers disco outside so all villagers were there dancing and drinking cheap booze.

Yours truly and some other buddies were supposed to support our homie. So after chewing Nyangoma, I joined my buddies but after one bottle, I felt the need to empty my bladder. On my way to pee across the street, I bumped into Ruth – who screamed joyfully and hugged mwah like she was my longtime friend.

Remember, I had only seen her for like three hours and wasn’t supposedly her friend. Anyways, she asked where I had been all along.

I replied asking where Angel was. She ran and brought Angel – who started by asking which women I had been chewing all along. “None…..was looking for you to do our deal.”

“You have little money.” Angel yapped. To which I was “Is 50k little money?” Only for Angel to reply suggesting I add ko. That caused a stalemate and so, I peed and went back to my buddies.

But before I could warm my seat, some guy came telling me some chick was calling me. I sheepishly followed only to find Ruth and Angel – who told me to make 100k if I was serious.

Now, to avoid pickpockets and beggars, I had put the bulk of my money in the stocks leaving just 100k in the wallet of which I had spent 20k.

Therefore, when Angel said, I make 100k, I claimed not to have it and pulled out my wallet and showed the 80k in it. “Help me for 50k, next time, I will make 100k.”

But Angel snatched all the money like an eagle snatching a chick then returned 10k, retained 70k saying, “okay let’s leave you 10k to protect your pocket…..but next time if you don’t have 100k no deal.”

I felt a cool breeze sweeping through me. All my enzymes melted. But, I bravely asked where we were going to spend the night and the answer was, “anywhere you like.”

On hearing that, I suggested they walk in the direction towards my home where I would catch up with them. I didn’t even go back to say bye to Patu and others. I just jumped into my beemer and slowly followed my meal.

Upon arriving home, I led them to the master suite. They both lamented how they had never done a threesome. They accused me of being lucky as well as having potent juju.

On my part, I thanked them for becoming my innermost friends. As I removed my shirt, Angel demanded to know why I didn’t put a wife in the house. And I was, “am still looking for one. She must be a virgin and very beautiful.”

Without much ado, I took them to the shower to wash off the sweat then jumped into bed for business. I will let you imagine the kinky stuff we did all night.

Next morning, I received a call from Pastor Jennifer – who wanted to know my day’s proggie. Details of that are a tale for another time.



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