NRM CEC Boss Warns Party Coordinators against Sale of Motorcycles

Oleru (2R) flags off the excited Arua NRM sub-county coordinators on Thursday September 17.

Oleru (2R) flags off the excited Arua NRM sub-county coordinators on Thursday September 17.

Arua – Hudah Oleru, the member of the ruling NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) has warned the party sub-county coordinators in Arua against the sale of the brand-new motorcycles offered to them.

Oleru sounded the warning while flagging off the 13 motorcycles allocated for Arua City and the district at the Mayor’s garden in Arua town on Thursday.

At least each sub-county coordinator managed to ride home smiling after receiving a motorcycle which is expected to be used for mobilizing support for President Yoweri Museveni and other party members ahead of the 2021 general elections.

But during the function, Oleru warned that no coordinator is expected to either sell or use the motorcycles received for Boda Boda business.

“The motorcycles are for mobilization. We don’t want to hear that any of you has sold them. We don’t even want to see you using the motorcycles for Boda Boda because they are not meant for that purpose. We are going to monitor you all the time,” Oleru said.

“If the Secretariat confirms that there is a chairperson that has sold a motorcycle, he will be responsible, the law is there. There is nothing like this is for party and it can be mismanaged at any time by selling it,” Oleru added.

She feared that if the coordinators are allowed to do Boda Boda business using the motorcycles, they will automatically mismanage them.

Oleru said the motorcycles are part of the campaign promise made by President Museveni during the 2016 campaigns.

She said out of the 404 motorcycles procured for the entire Northern region, West Nile received a total of 141 motorcycles.

Joyce Amaguru, the Vice NRM Chairperson thanked President Museveni and the NRM top leadership for thinking about the sub-county coordinators.

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She said the coordinators have for long been sacrificing for the party and when they are appreciated like this, it motivates them to work harder.

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