NRM Primaries: MP Ogama Declines to sign DR forms

MP Ogama while speaking to journalists on why he rejected the results

MP Ogama while speaking to journalists on why he rejected the results

Arua – Ismail Alli Ogama, the Lower Madi MP in Madi Okollo district has refused to sign the NRM declaration (DR) form which placed him second in just concluded NRM flag bearer elections.

Ogama said the results which were declared at regional level in Arua NRM office on Sunday were marred by irregularities and thus, they are not yet official.

According to the results released, Ronald Afidra polled 12,820 votes followed by Ogama with 11,484 votes while Alfred Ambayo came last with 2,867 votes.

After announcing the results, Ogama declined to append his signature on the declaration form and vowed to petition the NRM Electoral commission (EC) over the matter.

“I’m not consenting to the results declared. I will seek this office at the national level to address our concern,” Ogama said shortly after the results were declared.

Ogama said the voting generally went with mixed issues including the issue of the last-minute registration which had great impact on the results.

“In areas of Ogoko sub-county, we had cases were children between the age of 12 and 15 were all brought to vote and there was multiple lining up. You would line up and once they have counted you, you go back and re-join the line and the outcome was not all that good. The police were aware,” Ogama stated.

He said police attempted to pull some of the children out of line but they were overwhelmed, a concern which was later reported to Madi Okollo CPS.

“Still in Ogoko sub-county, my agents were denied DR forms by the registrar of the subcounty claiming that he didn’t have copies. He instead counted votes and decided to tell them he would rush to the sub-county to pick the DR forms. My people waited in vain and all this happened within the voting time frame,” Ogama added.

As a result, his team objected the results tallied in Ogoko sub-county and demanded for their cancellation which was not done.

Ogama noted that his agents in about 30 villages out of 167 villages across the county never signed declaration forms feared to have been containing doctored results.

He said his team’s other contention is that all the current registrars were recruited by Afidra who happens to be the district NRM chairperson and they didn’t have loyalty to the party but to Afidra himself.

“My position at the moment is I have given a benefit of doubt to the party Secretariat that I believe will act soon. Of course, my opinion is guided by my team and therefore, they will decide my next course of action just like the way they demanded they needed me,” Ogama said.

Michael Candia, MP Ogama’s campaign manager equally observed that they registered so many irregularities in Ogoko, Upper Rhino Camp and Ewanga sub-county which they wanted to be addressed before rushing to declare the results.

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But Afidra, in his statement, thanked the people of Lower Madi for giving him the votes.

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