NRM youth storm parliament over rejection of Age Limit Bill

NRM youth storm parliament over rejection of Age Limit Bill

By Serestino Tusingwire

A group of National Resistance Movement (NRM) youths have today stormed Parliament in protest against Rebecca Kadaga‘s decision to shelve Age Limit Bill.

In the plenary sitting yesterday, Kadaga did not see any urgency in amending the constitution and deferred the motion indefinitely until government comes up with comprehensive, political, social and electoral constitutional reforms to be considered by the house.

The constitutional amendment proposed by Ssekitoleko sought to lift the age limit of judges and open the currently restricted two terms for the Electoral Commission.

Many saw it as a disguise to amend article 102 of the Constitution to remove the Presidential Age limit.

The youths led by one Mohamed Segendo, the Kibuye Vice Chairman NRM were unhappy with the speaker’s decision, and have decided to storm the parliament saying that constitutional age limits are not good for countries like Uganda and must all be removed.

According to them, their fellow youths have in some cases failed to fit in leadership positions and therefore the elderly who still have abilities should not be restrained by the law to provide leadership.

“The youth are full of pride and are unruly; they are the most corrupt and are not accountable. We still need the elderly for guidance,” Sengendo said.

“We have therefore decided to come ourselves to petition the Speaker over our demand for removal of age limit,” Segendo added

“We are opposed to the Speaker’s decision to throw out Ssekitoleko’s age limit bill.”

A few of them have been granted access to parliament to present their petition while others were locked outside.

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