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  1. Water Mains Extensions (Km): The Corporation has in-stalled 3,566 Km of new water mains from July 2017 to March 2019. The length of new water mains installed per annum has grown from 1000 Km to over 2000 Km. The total water pipe network now stands at 16,440Km
  1. New Water Connections (No.): From July 2017 – March 2019, the Corporation has installed 97,880. The number of new water connections installed per annum has grown from an average of 38,000 connections to over 50,000. The Corporation hopes to install over 60,000 new connections by the end of this Financial Year (2018/19). The total number of water connections as at 31st March 2019 stood at 637,350
  1. New Pro-poor Connections (No.): Premised on the equity principle; NWSC provides water to the poor living in urban settlements through the installation of Public Stand Pipes (PSPs) / Kiosks at a subsidized rate. As at 31st March 2019, the Corporation had installed 5,883 new PSPs under the SCAP 100 project in over 3,000 villages. The Corporation hopes to install over 3,000 PSPs by the end of 2018/19. The total number of pro-poor connections as at 31st March 2019 stood at 15,662.

Notable progress by both the Ministry of Water and Environment, and NWSC to ensure that every Ugandan has access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation. A case in point is the expansion of the Corporation’s service footprint from 23 towns to 253 in the last six years. However, there are still great disparities in the national service coverage across and within regions and districts, affecting some of the most marginalized sections in the country.

To be able to serve these areas, the Corporation needs to implement a cocktail of service delivery options, these include other than the above project; the implementation of Capital Development Projects in various Areas, Water Loss Prevention Programmes (WALOP), Staff Capacity Development undertakings, Stakeholder Engagement Programmes and Environmental Protection Programmes.

1. Implementation of Cap-ital Development Projects: These projects are aimed at expanding the capacities of our production units to meet the need of Ugandans in various Areas and improving sanitation for livelihood of the various communities.


a) Completed Projects: Over the past three years the following projects were completed

  1. Rehabilitation of Gaba I and II Treatment Plants and New Gaba-Namasuba Transmission (Increase production
    the capacity of Kampala Water from 210,000,000ltrs/day to 240,000,000ltrs/day).
  2. Water Management and Development Project (WMDP) Arua Water and Sanitation Project Increased the storage capacity for treated water from 1,400,000 litres to 5,000,000 litres).
  3. ii)Bushenyi Water Supply Project – (3,150,000-litre water treatment plant in Kitagata and 1,600,000-litre capacity reservoir at Kikuba hill-abaishenyi).

Masindi Water Production Improvement Project – (increased capacity from 1,700,000 litres/day to 3,700,000 litres/day) and Kapeeka Water Supply Project – (4,000m3/day water intake plant, 600m3 reservoir, 15 km water network transmission, distribution, and 4No.staff houses).
Sewage Treatment Plants
for Kisoro – (Compact sewerage treatment packages for
Kisoro Town).

a) On-going Projects: Kampala Sanitation project: The project is aimed at improving the sewerage and sanitation situation in Kampala and the surrounding Areas. It will involve the construction of Bugolobi Waste WaterTreatment Plant, Kinawataka Pre-treatment and Pumping Station, and construction of Nakivubo and Kinawataka sewers lines.
Kampala Water- Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation
The project aims at improving water supply reliability through the upgrading & rehabilitation of water supply systems. On-going phase involves the construction of a new Water Treatment Plant East of Kampala (Katosi)(160,000,000 litres/day), construction of the Katosi – Kampala Drinking Water Transmission Main and extension of Water Supply in Informal Settlement including network remodelling and rehabilitation in Kampala.
Water Management and Development Project: The project aimed at improving water supply and sewerage services in selected NWSC Areas in collaboration with the MWE and World Bank. The project Areas include; Arua, Gulu and Bushenyi. The Gulu component is still ongoing.
Sewage Treatment Plants for Fort portal: The project aims at addressing wastewater disposal challenges in Fort Portal town. It involves the construction of package sewage treatment plants in the Area.
a) Planned Projects: The following Projects are underway.
Integrated Water Management and Development
Mbale, Gulu and Adjumani. Upgrade of Kapeeka Water Supply.
South Western Cluster Water and Sanitation Project – ( Masaka, Isingiro and Mbarara).
Kapcworwa Water Supply

Fortportal Water Production improvement Project

Sembabule Water Supply project.
Construction of Lira-KacunguVocational skills Development Facility.
Bushenyi water supply Augmentation Project. Parombo Water Supply Project. Lira Network Restructuring Project. Jinja-Iganga water supply improvement Project Construction of office premises in Lira, Arua, Bushenyi, Rukungiri and Kasese.

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