Obama Suspends Campaign As Sandy Heads For Canada

U.S Pres. Barack Obama


U.S President Barack Obama has been forced to suspend his campaigns to focus relief efforts for the devastation caused by storm sandy.

A total of 40 people have been killed with 18  in New York alone after the storm made a  landfall on Sunday leaving an estimated six million people without power.

This comes five days before Americans head to the polls to elect a new President.

Meanwhile Obama’s republican challenger Mitt Romney has held a relief event in one of  the swing states Ohio to show support for those affected by the storm and hopes to get back on the campaign trail on today.

In a latest poll Mitt Romney holds a slender lead against President Obama 49% to 47% respectively

President Obama who trails Romney in the opinion poll can afford to put his campaign on hold and visit the areas hit hard by the storm after political observers opined he holds the advantage over his rival.

As the president, he is in charge of ensuring the costs of the storm are minimized and so far his efforts seem to have paid off after he received praise from circles within the  Republicans who think he has handled the situation well.

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