Ocampo: UPDF Could Face ICC Over IDP Camps

UPDF soldiers.

UPDF Soldiers
UPDF Soldiers

Uganda’s army could face the International Criminal Court for pushing war victims in the north of the country into Internally Displaced People’s camps, Luis Moreno Ocampo, the former ICC prosecutor has said

According to Ocamp, despite the fact that there are many accusations against the UPDF relating to the war, the decision of sending war victims to camps stands out.

He says some of the war victims argue that, although most of theatrocities were committed by the Joseph Kony led LRA rebels; UPDF’s involvement in committing atrocities should not be ignored.

While addressing journalists in Gulu over the weekend, Ocampo emphasized the need to document the evidence and stories of the victims so that it can be passed on to the current ICC prosecutor so that the arrest warrant can be expanded to include all the new elements. The revelation by Ocampo comes a month after president Yoweri Musveni admitted that there were incidents in the anti-insurgency campaign for which they are ashamed and wondered why they were not being reported.

While Speaking during Celebrations to mark 28 years of NRM last month, Museveni cited the Mukura railway wagon incident that saw 40 people burnt to death. Olara Otunnu, the UPC president has repeatedly referred to the IPD camps as concentration camp, which he claims created with the sole aim of annihilating the population.

Otunnu has repeatedly called for the prosecution of Museveni who he accuses of intentionally annihilating the Acholi using the UPDF. Efforts by our reporter to speak to Paddy Ankunda, the UPDF spokesperson about the revelations by Ocampo didn’t yield results as his phone went unanswered.

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5 thoughts on “Ocampo: UPDF Could Face ICC Over IDP Camps

  1. This is all about the gay law. If you look at his history dealing with African cases, this Ocampo guy is very controversial in all of them. There are countless incidences in the world he could prosecute, far worse than what may or may have not been caused by the Ugandan army in the past.

    Not wanting to put their sons, daughters, clans-mate in harm’s way, Kony was defended by his own people, including bishops, MP’s, local leaders etc. Ocampo will find it very hard to make a case on this one.

    On the other hand, on a practical matter, if Ocampo’s Law heart is so much about human rights, Syria’s Al Bashad is currently killing his own people in the hundreds on a daily basis, thousands sent across the border as refugees, right before Ocampo’s eyes, Mexican drug lords hang people over the bridge every other night, Qatar is currently using people as slaves to build world cup sites and hundreds die every night in that infernal heat with little, if any pay, to their relatives, hundreds of Rohingya people in Myanmar are routinely forced into the sea in the night to face their fate . . . by force! Almost all drown at sea – ethnic cleansing.

    So what is Ocampo doing in Africa right now chasing a case that happened almost 15 years ago?

  2. A word of useless advise to Kyoovu: Keep your evidence to give to Ocampo of your allegations. Ocampo is challenging those who have a case to procure enough evidence. Don’t you panic. Those Bishops, Mps, local leaders will face it my brother when you procure your evidence. other wise let us not pretend to hi-jack issues if we do not have the competence to stand by. Thanks for your projected sentiments.

  3. Uganda is like a beehive full of honey. Those whites damn it yet they cannot keep away. When Churchill called Pearl of Africa, he was only being emotional and failed to keep the words to himself secretly. HM Edward Muteesa refused the British from occupying Uganda as they wished. If he had relented one inch,Uganda would have been a South Africa. To a white man/woman, Uganda is paradise. It will take a man as reckless as Amin to make Uganda respected even if he (mis)leads for just one year. If Ocampo would say that when Amin was, he would find himself in Luzira for that time wasting stupidity. By the way what is wrong with deporting him and blacklist him never ever to step in Uganda? I almost throw up.

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