Olive Kigongo Loses Millions In Fake Gold Transaction

Olive Kigongo

Embattled businesswoman and Amagara Skin care Products proprietor Olive Kigongo must now be one of the most troubled individuals in the country following her perpetual challenges.

Olive Kigongo
Olive Kigongo

Exclusive information reaching the gossip desk has it that Olive was duped of over Shs500m in a fake gold transaction.

In a deal negotiated by her cousin identified as Nathan Kajwangye in Congo, Olive hoped to buy multimillion gold pieces which could help her sail through her prevailing challenges.

Sources reveal that after the agreement, Olive headed to Standard Chartered Bank where she obtained the money required to finalize the transaction.

She later headed to Busega where she was given a briefcase containing the Gold from where she proceeded to Garden City to check on her merchandise.

However to her utter shock, after thorough scrutiny of the pieces, it was established that the ‘Gold’ she had bought was fake.

She was reportedly left ailing since she had got double trouble following her recent hostilities with former husband and NRM honcho Al Hajji Moses Kigongo.

She lost her conjugal slot in Kigongo’s home after several hostilities with him over consecutive challenges in the family which were catalyzed by Moses Kigongo’s failure to cater for their daughter’s academic demands late last year.

She recently dragged her former husband to court claiming that she deserved full rights and ownership of Mosa Courts Apartments located in Kololo.

However, the NRM honcho claims they have never been legally married although they have been living together as husband and wife for over two decades and therefore has no right to claim anything.

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