JOSEPHINE NAKALEMA: Nine Days Of Situlago, Bobi Wine Surrenders

NUP Party President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine (FILE PHOTO)

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Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine thought fighting Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni was like mixing sound and vocals. He thought it was like feuding with Bebe Cool and fighting with Chameleone.

Kyagulanyi jokingly sought to challenge Tibuhaburwa Museveni but Museveni, a Machiavellian autocrat, was no joke: he put Bobi Wine under House arrest for nine days, surrounded him with the UPDF and Police, isolated him and Bobi capitulated and SURRENDERED.

But Bobi Wine had promoted himself as a man who was greater opposition than the charismatic, suave, intelligent and brave Kizza Besigye.


Whatever political attributes Kizza Besigye has, Bobi Wine hugely lacks. Museveni knows Besigye’s enormous political strengths and understands Bobi Wine’s glaring weaknesses. Besigye and Kyagulanyi are groomed differently.

The former is a defiant, intelligent and brave statesman and the latter an empty coward driven by insatiable appetite for money in politics.

Where Museveni closed Besigye inside his home for 85 days, he knew Besigye would not break down.

However Museveni was surprised that Bobi Wine took longer than a week to break down and call for an end to the siege. That is how Bobi’s right hand man Mathias Mpuuga became an asset for negotiation.

As Bobi Wine was lamenting at home, he knew in his heart he wasn’t a Besigye. He knew he is a man who lacks resilience. He knew the risk wasn’t worth it. Museveni too knew it.

Sources close to Magere man say Mpuuga proposed a stunning deal to Bobi Wine. Too good to resist. He told Kyagulanyi to negotiate a surrender and concede defeat. How?

Mpuuga knows Bobi Wine runs unconventional gang as opposed to an organised political party. He indicated to Bobi Wine that he can comfortably survive on what NUP will get from Electoral Commission as the largest opposition while MPs who won seats use their own resources to do NUP party work.

Mpuuga knows Bobi Wine decides what happens in NUP. He hand picks and appoints whom he works with in NUP. Bobi Wine realized that indeed it was an attractive idea for his freedom.

All of a sudden, Bobi Wine turned from a liberator he called himself. He gifted Museveni the presidency so easily. He wanted it.

For Mpuuga’s work, Bobi Wine will most likely reward him with Leader of Opposition position he so much covets.

Museveni too wants Mpuuga appointed LOP because they have a relationship forged during Walk to Work protests.

When Museveni incarcerated Besigye at his home in Kasangati for 85 days and Luzira for 60 days, he knew Besigye would not surrender. He assured the country how there would be no opposition in 2021. Museveni meant it.

BOOM! In 2017, Bobi Wine, a fervent Museveni supporter for years, would become the NRM pawn to neutralize Besigye’s defiance. The entire anti Besigye squad of Kale Kayihura, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Moses Byaruhanga, Ibrahim Kasozi sponsored and funded Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine, his NRM mercenaries and the elaborate NRM machinery launched the greatest blackmail campaign against Besigye and forced him into a tactical retreat. Their desire and mission was to force Besigye into retirement.

However, as Bobi Wine and NRM decimated a common political enemy in Besigye, Bobi Wine’s star rose. They called Besigye a Museveni ally and Bobi Wine real opposition. But in truth, it were the real Museveni-Kyagulanyi political alliance that fought their opposition.

Bobi Wine is a musician with zero political intelligence and lacking statecraft. He transioned from music studios to politics and immediately became a hostage to his naivety. He became a political pawn for use by the political manipulator Museveni.

Museveni political machinery promoted Bobi Wine to subdue Besigye but hated that Bobi Wine had aroused Buganda nationalism. But the Museveni government knew Bobi Wine is easy to handle and extinguish him.

So as Bobi Wine/anti Besigye wave going on, Museveni stood in Bunyoro and assured Ugandans how he will extinguish the Kyagulanyi wave in one year.

Museveni has extinguished the Kyagulanyi wave on NINE DAYS inside his Magere house.

In appreciation, Bobi Wine has given Museveni only one year return his stolen victory.

Cry my beloved countrymen.

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