Opposition Dissatisfied Over State Of The Nation Address

Wafula Oguttu, The leader of opposition in parliament

Wafula Oguttu, The leader of opposition in parliament
Wafula Oguttu, The leader of opposition in parliament

A section of Ugandan Opposition Members of Parliament and Leaders have expressed dissatisfaction in Thursday’s state of the nation address saying it was lacking in content and did not tackle salient issues affecting the Economy.

The remarks followed the address in which Agriculture, Services, industry and ICT were listed by President Yoweri Museveni as basic priority sectors on which government will concentrate this financial year as part of its efforts to foster economic growth and development.

According to the president, government intends to invest more money in these sectors so as to alleviate a number of economic challenges like poverty and unemployment. He further noted that government will invest more money in energy and infrastructure.

But the Leader of Opposition in Parliament Wafula Oguttu says the president’s address lacked a fresh feed into the critical issues about the Nation. He says the address failed to address key issues like the need for Electoral Reforms, Corruption, Health and that Status of UPDF presence in south Sudan.

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago noted that the address lacked a touch on the Rule of Law, Human Rights, Democratization and Corruption among others. Lukwago said he was equally disappointed by the failure by Government to address leadership problems in Kampala Capital City Authority.

Butambala Woman MP Mariam Nalubega noted that health issues were lacking in the address to the nation, although this is a key area that needs to be addressed considering its impact on women and children.

Similarly Kitgum Woman MP Beatrice Anywar cited education as a missing priority that ought to receive a lot of attention.

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6 thoughts on “Opposition Dissatisfied Over State Of The Nation Address

  1. The State of Nation Address was the true manifestation of Museveni’s careless NRM government to give hope to the citizens and therefore not good

  2. most women defend M7 whether the see good or bad. if am lying look into the comments bellow

    1. Hey Zabu it is not women supporting M7 but it is being objective. I know some people might be uncomfortable to confront some issues. M7 is not a ladies’ man all I discuss is based on facts. Also would like to see Uganda take another direction when u discuss issues that after our country. May it is too soon

  3. Way forward when President is seated on the way,the stumbling block must leave the way to allow Ugandans to take the way of rebuilding strong the way to liberation.

    1. Well Bishanga you gonna have to wait for a long time unless you give freebies. Uganda has moved on and God forbid we don’t back to times of coup or overthrowing someone by guns. The only is to allow democratic process to be implemented thoroughly well. However Ugandans can argue his allies to persuade him and retire peacefully. Also consider that he has been in exile where life is misery to a point of feeling unworthy to live, so I highly doubt he would like to go back if forced out. I believe the change will come but God knows when and how.

  4. It is good to agree or disagree but opposition in power is bigger than that. If at all families know that education, medicine, jobs is available they support them into power.

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