Oxyegenius commits to Nina Roz in song of the year ‘Ontekako’

Fast-rising star singer Oxygenius has released his much-anticipated hit collabo song with Nina Roz ‘Ontekako’ where he preaches love and commitment amongst people. The song was written by Docta Brain much as he writes his own music.

Otenkako song was produced by Mesh Pan at dream studios and then shot by Dir Syber and Director Burgins.

The song is a love song that mainly preaches love and commitment. In the song, he tells Nina Roz the level of commitment he has for her and she assures him the same. You don’t want to stop listening to the song when it starts.

Music analysts have already placed it as the song of 2021. Musically we have been struggling with Covid 19 and few artists have managed to impress with good songs.

Musically Oxygenius has been fast rising. He has released songs in and out but this year, by the look of things, he has hit the target. He thanks his fans for their endless support.

Listen to the lyrics of the song here;

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