Police Frees Kagezi ‘Murderers’


Special Operations Department of Police has secretly set free 26 suspects who were recently raided and detained at Special Operations headquarters in Kololo over allegations of being linked to the murder of the former Deputy Director of Public Prosecution, Joan Kagezi on March 30, 2015.

The alleged  in Joan Kagezi killers being arrested by police
The alleged in Joan Kagezi killers being arrested by police

A source at the Kololo based Police Special Operations told red pepper that 26 suspects have been set free after interrogators failed to get evidence linking them to the Kagezi murder while two other suspects including one woman Sarah Batemetyo and another un identified man  are still being held pending investigations.

A source further said that those set free are mainly among the 12 suspects who were arrested in Kyengera town where they were taken from an apartment and others from other different parts with in Kampala city.

“We arrested them on a tip off and we have been interrogating them one by one interrogator by interrogator but we have got nothing to link them to the murder,” One of the interrogators told our reporter.

The source added that, “At the moment we have no suspects linked to the killers and leads are still scanty.”

He added that the investigators have since changed the strategy and have gone back to pitch a camp in Busoga region where they suspect that the killers who are being linked to the Allied Democratic Forces are hiding.

“We went there to camp and dismantle any would be remaining ADF camp in Busoga region because we suspect that the killers could be ADF ruminants operating within the vast region,” added the source.

Also a senior high profile murder detective at Kibuli based Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Department (CIID) headquarters who also talked on condition of anonymity for fear of being penalized noted that in such high profile murder cases involving high profile people police do not rush to make unnecessary arrests.

The senior detective noted that with such cases investigators first take time to internalize the deceased phone print outs or any available video footages and then start following any leads if available.

“In such case that involved a powerful person, the police rushed to make arrests of suspects even some who included chicken thieves. The killers now have gotten attention to flee because the rush to arrest also tips them off,” noted the senior detective.

Following the shooting of Joan Kagezi police arrested 6 people in Kyengera who were being suspected to have been behind the brutal killing.

This comes after police said that the suspects were being trailed by police and that they were shifting for the third time ever since Joan Kagezi was murdered.

Police also said that they got intelligence information that they were also trying to flee the apartments before they were arrested.

Tracking of Kagezi killer suspects have also been a mystery after a clash erupted with in the investigating departments with some side accusing the other of frustrating the investigations by failing to agree on the strategies used to handle the issue.

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