Ivan Kirumira

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Ivan Kirumira a brother to renowned city tycoon Godfrey Kalule Kirumira has been arrested for failing to clear a debt worth Shs2.8m.

Ivan Kirumira
Ivan Kirumira

Ivan Kirumira was arrested by Court Bailiffs of Moses Mutesasira as he drove from Wandegeya and taken to the High Court execution and bailiffs’ Division on Friday.

“I have managed to raise Shs1m. I pray that court gives me at least one month to get the balance,” he pleaded with the Registrar of court Tom Chemtai.


The debt arose from Mengo Magistrates’ court where Kirumira was defeated by fellow businessman John Bukenya. When he made the proposal, Bukenya reluctantly agreed and immediately Kirumira was ordered to handover the money to him.

According to an arrest warrant issued against him, Kirumira was supposed to pay Shs1.8m as the debt demanded and costs of Shs1m.

“Whereas the said sum of Shs2.8m only has not been paid to the decree holder in satisfaction of the said decree; these are to command you to arrest the said judgment debtor and unless the said sums of Shs2.8m are paid to you, to bring the said Kirumira before this court with all convenient speed,” the warrant reads in part.

Mutesasira and Bukenya’s lawyer Kenneth Kajeke had insisted that Kirumira be committed to prison for failing to raise the whole amount but Chemtai disagreed and agreed to give him more time.

“This matter is adjourned to May 17, 2015 for you to clear the balance to zero. You should return to this court on that day at 10:00am to satisfy this court that you have cleared,” Chemtai told Kirumira before releasing him.

This is the second Kirumira’s brother to be dragged to court.

Already his other brother Baker Kirumira is on the run for having assaulted and almost poked out the eyes of a businesswoman Regina Mbatinire Lule.

Mbatinire chose to sue Kirumira and his Hotel International Muyenga from where she was clobbered from. She is now demanding Kirumira over Shs187m compensation for the money she spent on treatment she received from doctors here and abroad.

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