Police Patrol Car,Irene Muloni Convoy Allegedly Knock People Separately.

Government cars continue to be driven in a reckless way. At the weekend, news of a burnt government car in Mukono district was allover. Before that is over other two separate accidents happened and the drivers never helped the victims. 

The convoy of Hon Irene Muloni has knocked almost Dead a man on a Boda Boda on Kumi road Mbale town.

Unnecessary speeding in a place without any security threat whatsoever. Some of these ministers think, they’re more special than other road users.

They behave like it’s only them who own rights to travel on Ugandan roads.

The man is however in a very critical condition with little chances of survival

In a similar incident Police patrol car number UP4639  badly knocked and injured two Ugandan women going to the Catholic Church (St. Mbaga) sunday at 6:55am in Kiwatule opposite woodland furniture shop.

Their names are Rose Biga and Anyanza Maureen. The patrol car thereafter drove off from the scene.

In case you know any of these ladies please check with Najjera hospital. 
Sad, that not even the police mandated with protection ,commit crimes and gets away.
For any Information about the women please call me 0753252331

Audrey Grace a good Samaritan who took the ladies to hospital says  “one of the ladies is still at Najjera hospital and another was rushed to Nsambya hospital her hip bone and thigh were badly injured”.

She was taken to Nsambya for further X-ray and treatment. The one at Najjera hospital has a head fracture, I hope they transfer her to a better health facility. We got in touch with a gentleman who is their brother / nephew. He’s taking care of them.

We also reported to the police in Kiwatule says Audrey Grace.

Who will talk to government drivers to stop being reckless to avoid mob justice.

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