Police Seal Off Nsereko’s Home

Kampala Central MP Muhammed Nsereko

Kampala Central MP Muhammed Nsereko
Kampala Central MP Muhammed Nsereko

Kampala Central Member of Parliament, Mohammed Nsereko’s home has been sealed off  by members of Uganda security as they try to wind up investigations into the Erias Lukwago and Kiiza Besigye case.

Kiiza Besigye and Lukwago are being held at Central Police Station and Kiira Road Police station respectively.

The Old Kampala Police Commander Julius Gobolo warns Hon Muhammad Nsereko of arrest if he dares to leave his home.

Nsereko is among legislators who were expected to address a rally called by mainly opposition leaders following the release of the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) tribunal report that found Lukwago guilty of incompetence.

We shall keep you updated as the story unfolds.

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9 thoughts on “Police Seal Off Nsereko’s Home

  1. Arrest them for we are tired of the so called politicians who enjoy distracting the masses to do their business. We are interested in a clean city those cheap politicians are interested in creating hatred. Arrest them and arrest them, do not even leave those bayaye’s who follow them up and they think that they have majority supporters.

  2. My brother Tumwesigye lets not be arrogant because we are in things.Instead of victimizing fellow Ugandans lets try to have consensus. We shall run like headless chicken the day things change and the same laws will be applied to us. So lets not be selfish and short sighted we can’t rule eternally ….your God father might fail to wake up one day and imagine the chaos .. Rwanda is to small to harbour all of us East of West home is best.

    1. Have you thought carefully before posting your question?
      How can you compare the political impact of PKS with that of these guys?

  3. OC. Gobolo, instead of arresting thieves, Bangi smokers and goons in Old kampala, you are busy running after Hon. Nsereko?? Sometimes I imagine the day, just one day…………., ask Hon. Akena, he tasted the bitterness, not by participation though, but the fact that he was just a son of the then President!! Exile or arrest after all these, even you own child will have no where to go if he/she survives!! Wait!!

    1. I understand your frustration but pse remember that this policeman is a mere puppet doing his job to lay a meal on the table for his family. Why are you threatening woe upon his children?

  4. There people who say they are in things and like to be associated with the ruling party,when they really have nothing.This attitude of seeing the opposition as poor and desperate will not help,there people in the opposition with genuine concern for the country and not just because they lack what to eat.The country has gone to the dogs while some glory hunters are cheering,”we are in things,”what thing if i may ask?

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