Police Summons Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda

Uganda Police has summoned the now ashamed and broke singer Desire Luzinda to appear and narrate how nude photos leaked to the public.

Desire Luzinda
Desire Luzinda

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said that whoever sees Desire Luzinda should notify police because she must record a statement.

“We have failed to get in touch with her as her official numbers are both off, whoever knows where she is should inform the Police,” said Enanga.

The whole of last week, Desire Luzinda’s nude pictures spread on social media like wild fire after they were leaked by her Nigerian Bonkmate Franklin Emuobor.

Section 13 of the Anti-pornography Act makes it illegal for a person to produce, traffic, publishes any form of pornography and on conviction is liable to a fine of Shs10m or imprisonment not exceeding 10 years.

However her Nigerian bonkmate who allegedly leaked the nudes is not off the hook as well because people who publish nude photos, according to Uganda Police Kampala Metropolitan spokesperson Patrick Onyango, can be charged with trafficking in pornography under the Computer Misuse Act.

Section 8 of the Computer Misuse Act says: “Any person who willfully and repeatedly uses electronic communication to disturb or attempts to disturb the peace, quiet or right of privacy of any person with no purpose of legitimate communication whether or not a conversation ensues commits a misdemeanor and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding 24 currency points or imprisonment not exceeding one year or both”.

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  1. Is this a joke or what? Summons for what we all know where the pics came from stupid hypocrites.

  2. Excuse me, is it Luzinda who linked her nude pictures or her X boy friend after a misunderstanding. I don’t think Luzinda wanted her nudity to be published in the medias.

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