Poverty levels to reduce to 10% before 2017 — M7

Poverty levels to reduce to 10% before 2017 — M7

By Serestino Tusingwire

President Museveni has pledged to make poverty levels in Uganda reduce to 10% in a period of only one year.

Museveni pledged this in front of UN heads of state during the ongoing UN summit in America on Tuesday.

The theme of the summit is “The Sustainable Development Goals: a universal push to transform our world,”

According to Museveni, in the last 12 years, Uganda has reduced the number of people living in poverty from 56% in 2004 to 19% today.

“It is hoped that by 2017, poverty will be reduced to 10%,” he said on Tuesday.

Ending poverty is goal number one of the new 17 Sustainable Development Goals that the UN hopes countries will achieve by 2030.

“Even in Africa, a continent with a lot of accumulated disadvantages, 414 millions of people have come out of poverty,” Museveni added.

Describing the UN theme on sustainable development goals as “a good topic”, Museveni said the goals add “another nail in the coffin” of inequality gaps between the developing world and the developed world.

“This is a good topic.  It adds another nail in the coffin of the old parasitic arrangement where only a small portion of humanity ─ those living in the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New-Zealand, lived in affluence while the rest of the world lived in abject poverty.”

He proposes to achieve his pledge by working with other neighboring countries to rectifying the issue of fragmented markets in Africa.

He suggests that having an ultimate common market for the continent can help achieve development in a short period.

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