President Kenyatta appoints Gen. Kibochi new Chief of Defence Forces as Mwathethe bows out

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenya has shaken up the KDF in new appointments. (AGENCIES PHOTO)


Nairobi – Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has, on Thursday, April 30, appointed Robert Kibochi as the Chief of Defence Forces in a shake-up in the Kenya Defence Forces(KDF).

Gen. Robert Kibochi takes over from Samson Mwathethe who has been Chief of Defence Forces for five years- bowing out of service after 42 years.

The new appointments which will take effect on May 11, 2020, will see Kibochi deputised by Navy Commander Maj. Gen. Levi Mghalu who has been promoted to Lt. General and appointed the Vice Chief of Defence Forces.

President Uhuru Kenyatta also appointed Major General Jimson Mutai promoted as the Commander of the Kenyan Navy.

Kenyatta lauded Mwathethe as a dedicated serviceman who displayed exemplary discipline during his 5-year stint.

New KDF Chief of Defence Forces, Gen. Robert Kibochi

“Since your appointment as the Chief of Defence Forces five years ago (2015), we have seen significant expansion in our military and enviable improvement in the defence capability of our forces; thus giving Kenyans confidence that their borders are well protected from any external aggression,” President Uhuru said.

He cited the Blue Economy as one of Mwathethe’s biggest achievement. During his tenure, Mwathethe was the Chairman of the Implementation Standing Committee.

Kenya’s Citizen digital cites that new Chief of Defence Forces Gen Kibochi has been in the military for the last 39 years and has served as Vice Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces since 2018.

Among other honoraries, he holds a Master’s degree in International Studies and computer-based information systems.

The UK-schooled General is currently pursuing a PhD in Peace and Conflict Management and is remembered for commandeering Kenyan forces on a peace-keeping mission to Sierra Leona circa 2000.

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