Princess Komuntale Bleaches Body

Tooro Kingdom Princess Ruth Komuntale has resorted to bleaching her body for unknown reasons.

Komuntale's new look after bleaching
Komuntale’s new look after bleaching

According to the latest pictures we obtained, the beautiful princess must have spent weeks smearing her body with bleaching detergents with the aim of becoming browner.

The Tooro princess who is also unlucky in love is not the first Ugandan in the elite class to bleach the body.

Former Rubaga division mayor Peter Ssematimba was also accused of bleaching his body that allover a sudden changed to brownish color.

Former city socialite and jail bird Shanita Namuyimbwa well known as bad black also bleached her body and she was severely blasted by people on social media.

Bleaching creams work by stripping the skin of its natural pigmentation.

However in dark skinned people the pigmentation is the skin’s natural protection from the sun`s strong radiations.

Bleaching doesn’t just superficially lighten the skin it changes the skin’s normal structure removing and inhibiting the production of melanin by cells called melanocytes.

Once the skin has been ‘bleached’ it loses its natural protective barrier making it susceptible to damage by the sun’s radiations and it is the reason why most if not all bleach creams come with instructions advising people to use sun protection creams called sunscreens along with the product.

Persistent use of these bleaching products will leave the skin lighter but also leave it more vulnerable to damage.

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16 thoughts on “Princess Komuntale Bleaches Body

  1. While the youth of Tooro were struggling under heat and rain to recover the Kingdom Assets, the clueless Princess was in her bedroom bleaching her skin! Whatever befell Tooro royals! Any way, like mother like daughter!

  2. i didn’t know she was that stupid,the previous Komuntale was so beautiful the presents one is like a demon.

  3. this is not true, redpepper i have got you pants down, i was with her recently she still has her natural beauty

    1. Magezi u must be blind. The princess bleached herself long time ago. Check her picture well on Mukwano industries advert billboards. I am surprised Red pepper is bringing it up now when she started long ago. Perhaps the effects are coming out now.

  4. One can only bleach her Body if she has a colonial Virus in her mind and brain. How do you think you will be looking? More urglier. The government should abolish all these bleaching products and the artificial hairs, we should encourage and love our natural beauty

  5. you start to wonder a beautiful lady doing that trash to her skin abakazi be it educated or not they’re the same

  6. But she copies from her mother….the queen is unnaturally light skinned too!

  7. Princess why?? You are naturally beautiful so why bleach? Disappointed!!!

    1. Ask her mother who is bleached too!!!. What ashame. Are they not aware that black is beauty? Sign of lack of self esteem.

  8. Has she no brains? All that skin stripping with corrosive, cancer-causing chemicals no doubt? She looks like a scarecrow!

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