Regional Leaders Approve Military Force For S Sudan

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Regional nations have approved a 5,500 military force for South Sudan.
Regional nations have approved a 5,500 military force for South Sudan.

Regional leaders under their umbrella body, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) have approved the use of military force in conflict hit South Sudan, according to international news agency AFP.

The 5,500-strong military force for war-torn South Sudan will now be tasked to end weeks of bitter fighting that has devastated the young nation, Kenya’s foreign minister said Wednesday.

“The Security Council within IGAD has already adopted a resolution allowing 5,500 troops into South Sudan,” Kenyan Foreign Minister Amina Mohammed told reporters, referring to the seven-member , an IGAD-member, has already sent troops to South Sudan on its own.

IGAD is mediating deadlocked talks in Ethiopia between the warring parties, to end a conflict in which the United Nations says atrocities have been committed, including mass killings, sexual violence and widespread destruction.

Uganda, an IGAD-member, has already sent troops to South Sudan on its own and taken a key role in the fighting in support of Kiir, and it was not clear if those soldiers would be included in the force.

Rebel chief Machar has demanded Kampala withdraw all forces, claiming Ugandan fighter jets have tried to kill him, and has questioned the neutrality of IGAD as a mediator.

A draft cessation of hostilities deal seen by AFP and put to delegates in Addis Ababa proposes an IGAD-led team to monitor the proposed deal on the ground.

Mohamed said the force would “support the monitoring and verification of cessation of hostilities, to ensure that peace and normalcy return to the Republic of South Sudan”.

But she also said the force could be deployed “even before” a deal was agreed.

Mohamed said that Kenya — which deployed troops in South Sudan to help evacuate citizens trapped in the fighting — has been approached to send in troops as part of the force.

“Some countries have already agreed to send troops, others are considering,” Mohamed said, initially saying Kenya would be willing to take part, but then later saying a decision had yet to be made.

The draft IGAD ceasefire accord presented to peace delegates meeting in Addis Ababa, notes the “scale of human suffering… with great loss of human life”, since fighting broke out on December 15.

It also specifically highlights that both sides must “refrain” from attacking civilians, including summary executions, use of child soldiers as well as “rape, sexual abuse and torture”.

Fighting has spiralled into ethnic killings between members of Kiir’s Dinka people — the country’s largest group — and Machar’s Nuer. Many fear the conflict has spun out of the control of the politicians who sparked it.

An emergency regional summit of IGAD leaders planned for Thursday in Juba has been cancelled, but the same issues of striking a deal will be discussed at the African Union in Addis Ababa next week.

What started out as a political dispute between Mr Kiir and his former deputy Riek Machar on 15 December has escalated into full-scale conflict, with reports of ethnic killings.

Around 500,000 people have been displaced and the UN estimates that considerably more than 1,000 have been killed.

The UN is in the process of deploying an extra 5,500 peacekeepers to South Sudan, to bring its forces up to 12,500.

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  1. IGAD has got it wrong. It is a very mistaken n evil decision by IGAD to support the deployment of military force in South Sudan. Shame on you IGAD, shame on you Uganda government, shame on you Kenya government for supporting and taking the path war and bloodshed instead of brokering peace in South South. Uganda is a very big impediment to peace in South Sudan.

    1. It might look a shame in ya eyes but the senseless war from the SPLA based on ethnicity i don’t now how you feel, But the good news and facts is that, Any government in south Sudan will have to work with Uganda and Kenya..

  2. So they sending soldiers to kill Sudaneese fighting for their freedom??That will not solve the ethenic problem.If IGAD wants peace then it should ask Kiir to resign and let the country go ahead with Machar.Salvar Kiir is responsible for the killings,rapings add lootings…

  3. What I’m I reading? Ohoo God,somewhere somehow some pple are realizing this dudes only hear by setting fire,Why? If their is wild fire coming towards ur home, its always to start fire and they meet far frm ur house. If what I’m reading is TRUE some human beings are going to hang themselves but not putting ropes on their necks but toes,

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