Religious Leaders Should Not Shy Away From Politics – Bishop Niringiye

Dr. Zac Niringiye

Dr. Zac Niringiye
Dr. Zac Niringiye

Dr Zac Niringiye, the retired Bishop of Kampala, has defended his involvement in active politics despite criticism from President Yoweri Museveni.

Religious leaders including Bishop Niringiye have been criticized by President Yoweri Museveni for allegedly meddling in active politics instead of focusing on spiritual issues. Museveni also accuses religious leaders of supporting opposition politicians to fight against his government.

Niringiye is the only prominent religious leader among opposition politicians and activists moving around the country calling for free and fair elections in 2016. This campaign with a theme Honour Your Vote, is spearheaded by Citizen Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda.

But Bishop Niringiye told local media in an exclusive interview in Masaka that all faithful religious leaders must participate in politics. He explains that all religious leaders who are not engaging in the political processes are wasting time.

Bishop Niringiye says he did not resign from religious issues to sit back and watch as Uganda goes to the dogs but he targets to see the country liberated and redirected to a democratic path. He says he disagrees with opposition politicians targeting removal of Dr Badru Kiggundu, the Chairperson of Electoral Commission.

Kalungu West MP Joseph Ssewungu says that disunity among opposition parties in previous elections has kept President Yoweri Museveni in power. Ssewungu says opposition political parties work together but when the elections draw closer, they begin to break up.

He says if the opposition parties do not stick together, they will not achieve their call for electoral reforms.

On Saturday, former FDC President Dr. Kizza Besigye told Masaka residents that he had plan B which would see Museveni leave power before 2016. He said they don’t want to see Museveni participating in 2016 general elections because he will rig. Besigye has challenged Museveni in the previous three consecutive elections.

Besigye, who was speaking in Luganda did not disclose which plan B he meant but asked Masaka farmers to be alert when he announces that they stop supplying food to Kampala.

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  1. Again a million dollar laughter of the year, Besigye plans to tell the farmers in Masaka to stop supplying food to Kampala, who on this earth will heed to such an advice when the basic survival needs keep calling. And to the opposition I can only say that this time round M7 is beating you hands down with over 85% vote even if you get collected together.

  2. Besigye , like Museveni , you are tired.Leave FDC and opposition alone. You are tired. Which struggling Masaka food vendor will listen to your advice. You politicians you take Ugandans for granted.

  3. Religious Leaders must stay in the middle of politics and explain to believers the right political discourse in a country.

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