Renowned designer hooks Team Good Guys singer

Renowned designer hooks Team Good Guys singer

Snoops have for long been wondering about the guy who has all along been enjoying the kitone of Vanesah Nanyonjo aka Queen Monster, a Ugandan fashion designer cum singer based in S. Africa.

We can exclusively reveal that Nanyonjo, who has been staying in Cape Town for about six years, is currently swallowing Wayne Vibes, a singer with Team Good Guys as a delicious side meal.

Sources say the couple is slated to introduce in April next year.

Nanyonjo had formerly been linked to her promoter one Herbeiking.  Vanesah was recently overheard telling pals that she is currently working on her travel documents to Uganda so that she can introduce her dream dude.

Before she relocated to S. Africa, Vanesah had been married to another guy and the pair was blessed with two boys who are now staying with their father in Kampala.

It now appears that she has dumped the dad of her kids after falling in love with Wayne Vibes.

While in S. Africa she has released so many songs including Fire whose video is currently getting massive airplay on S.African airwaves.

Watch this space!

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