Risk As TB Patients At Soroti Hospital Sleep In General Ward

Patients admitted in Soroti regional referral Hospital are sharing a Ward with those suffering from Tuberculosis (TB) rising the risk of spreading the disease.

TB Patients are admitted at the same Medical ward with other Patients suffering from Malaria, HIV/AIDs, Diabetes, Typhoid and other diseases.

Samuel Malinga, the Soroti district TB focal person confirms that the Referral Hospital does not have a separate ward for TB. Malinga points out that the TB patients are admitted in the same ward where patients suffering from Malaria are admitted.

Malinga says that if an infected person coughs, sneezes, shouts, or spits, bacteria can come into contact with uninfected people. Malinga adds that those who live with others who have active TB infections are at a higher risk.

Thomson Ebong, the Principal Hospital Administrator, confirms lack of a TB ward in Soroti Referral Hospital. He says since the dilapidated TB ward was renovated, the technical people discouraged them from utilizing the unit because the ventilator was not up to date, and not fit to be TB ward. It was turned into a unit for Uganda Cares.

Ebong says some TB patients are given drugs and sent back home, while those who are in a bad state are admitted with other patients in the same ward.

Ebong says the Hospital has come up with a system of referring TB patients to nearby referral hospitals like Mbale and Lira that have TB wards isolated from other wards.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) puts Uganda among the 22 countries in the world with the highest number of TB cases, estimated to be 100,000 new infections annually.

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