Rwanda Govt: No Pity For Karegeya

Former Rwandan spy chief Patrick Karegeya's body was discovered on New Year’s Day.

Exiled former Rwandan intelligence chief Patrick Karegeya has been found dead in a Johannesburg hotel room.
Exiled former Rwandan intelligence chief Patrick Karegeya has been found dead in a Johannesburg hotel room.

Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Louise Mushikiwabo says her government has no sympathy for former Rwandan spy boss Patrick Karegeya, who was murdered in South Africa last week.

Rwandan Prime Minister Pierre Habumuremyi has also warned that betraying one’s country brings consequences.

He tweeted yesterday that betraying one’s country will always bear consequences.

Asked if this referred to Patrick Karegeya, He replied not necessarily, but it should be of the values of Rwandan leaders.

Louise Mushikiwabo.
Louise Mushikiwabo.

In another tweet,  Mushikiwabo calls Karegeya an enemy of the nation.

Karegeya was found strangled at the Michelangelo Towers in Sandton late on New Year’s Day.

He had checked into his hotel room on 29 December.

Karegeya fled to South Africa seven years ago and was granted political asylum after Rwandan president Paul Kagame sacked him from his post.

Opposition figures in Rwanda have blamed his killing on the government.

The Rwandan government denies opposition assertions that it targets Kagame’s enemies for the assassination.

Meanwhile, the Hawks say they’re making progress with the investigation into Karegeya’s death.

Hawks spokesperson Paul Ramaloko says they have not yet made any arrests in the case and say they’re not working with the Rwandan authorities.

Source: Eye Witness News

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8 thoughts on “Rwanda Govt: No Pity For Karegeya

  1. I am continuously surprised by the deep rooted hatred these people have for one another. Even death is celebrated!

    If M7 died today (God forbid) Besigye, Muntu, Nandala and all these other people that he has aggrieved would attend his funeral and remember the good once shared. This is a guy for all the opposing he has done, was once a core member of their team, fighting a long side and doing his best for Rwanda. This guy might even have been the difference between them winning and losing. But mehn….. the ice cold hearts!

    May God free them from this!

  2. How can u celebrate ones death as you who is celebrating his death your going to live 100 years , Respect should begiven when one is dead what message are you sending to the generation of your childrean and the late partric’s kids

    1. i don’t think they are celebrating as such but rather, they are saying they have not been touched, they don’t empathize with his death. Hmm!

  3. What is in Rwanda today is fear of men over one man. This fear for one man within the state has psychologically affected the functioning of the other branches of the state, trapping many into an umbrella of reason and act to impress. It has eliminated ideological competition and replaced it with mistrust and discontent amongst the citizens. In the long run, the most feared man,the only decision maker has run out decisions, lost touch of his position and its sensitivity to his fellow countrymen and he’s now turned the state into a personal property. Fleeing of the national elites and mistrust against one another amongst the citizens is eating up the very minds that would be expanding services and ideas for a positive change for the future of Rwanda. The power to change this situation and to restore peace and freedom of reason lies within the Rwandan people. Silencing of decency and killing of the opposition is not positively contributing to national development but to national underdevelopment, its a cowardly and primitive way of playing politics. Death is for all of us but what matters is what we do to positively contribute to the lives of our countrymen that we leave behind. R.I.P all the dead.

  4. Rwanda government should know that the enemies can not be extended to the burial ground even the worst enemy can be forgiven when he died. Please saw maturity in your dealing with the dead. Even you in the so called permanently entranced in the government will one day face the same .

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