Rwanda’s Nyamwasa Wanted Out Of South Africa

kayumba Nyamwasa

kayumba Nyamwasa

Rwandese renegade army officer General Kayumba Nyamwasa may soon be deported from South Africa where he has been living as a refugee for the last two years.

If a case logged against him, on Monday, by the Consortium for Refuges and Migrant workers in South Africa (CORMSA) in a South African court is something to go by, the renegade general may soon find himself a deportee.

In conjunction with the South African Litigation Centre (SALC), CORMSA has asked the SouthAfrican High Court to withdraw Nyamwasa’s refugee status granted to him by the SouthAfrican immigration officials over allegations that he is involved in war crimes in the Democratic Republic of Congo and his native Rwanda.

According to both South African and international law, no one is allowed refugee status if they are believed to be involved in international crimes.

General Kayumba Nyamwasa fled to exile in South Africa in 2010 after falling out with the Kigali government led by Paul Kagame and was granted refugee status the same year although this was challenged by both CORMSA and SALC.

Nyamwasa has been accused of committing grave crimes among which include involvement in the shooting down of the plane carrying former Rwandese president Juvenile Habyarimana that sparked off the 1994 genocide which claimed close to one million lives and the murder of 2500 Hutus in the DRC.


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  1. It has remained a mystery. RPA/RPF to which Nyamwasa belongs/belonged claims it was not responsible for downing the Habyarimana plane. We need to first confirm who did it before we become sure.

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