SAWA, The Uncles For South Sudan Charity Do

Mer Mathew Obur

Sound Artists With Answers (SAWA) a group of artists from South Sudan and Uganda; have joined the humanitarian race to help displaced people in South Sudan.

Mer Mathew Obur
Mer Mathew Obur

The group has organised a fundraiser between 18th to 20th this month at Nomo Gallery in Nakasero where they will sell pieces of art and all proceeds will go towards supporting people displaced by war in South Sudan. Some of artists include; Birungi Arnold, Kassi Mark, Ruganzu Bruno, and Abul Oyay.

This Saturday, the Uncles, a group of youthful and energetic men will create awareness for the SAWA exhibition by doing a charity bicycle ride this weekend from Mukono to Jinja.

Obed Aritujuna, one of the Uncles said; “Changing lives of people is part of our objectives as uncles and we are joining the cause because we would like to see a peaceful and war free South Sudan and by using our effort, it will be achieved.”

Mer Mathew Obur, a member of SAWA and former South Sudan Tusker Project Fame season 5 representative said; “We appeal to all people in Uganda to come and we support our brothers and sisters who have been affected by the war.

We are also looking forward to seeing dignitaries from the Governments of South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and the members of the business community at the occasion as we help our people.”

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