Secrets Why Fresh Besigye Riots Won’t be Easy

Former FDC Boss Kiiza Besigye was brutally arrested at Kitante by Gilbert Arinaitwe Bwana, Marunga is believed to have been Behind this operation


Col Kizza Besigye last week announced a wave of protests which are meant to drum up support for electoral reforms which the opposition says are badly needed ahead of 2016 elections.

Besigye (checked shirt) being arrested
Besigye (checked shirt) being arrested

Flanked by fellow activists, Besigye also announced the formation of Citizens Reforms Coalition (CIREN) whose membership will comprise of political and civil society leaders across the country.

He faulted the cabinet proposed reforms for being insensitive to concerns that citizens have previously raised.

The protests are destined to start anytime.

And having spoken to sources both within CIREN circles and also from security circles, we have established why these fresh protests aren’t something President Museveni can take lightly.

We are told, inspired by the recent events in Amuru where naked women neutralized Ministers Daudi Migereko, Aronda and the military personnel they had come with, organizers intend to exploit nudity as a strong weapon for the protests.

We are told there are many disgruntled babes in Kampala and other towns who support opposition and are prepared to expose their huge Kandahars at IGP Kale Kayihura’s anti-riot personnel in Kampala and other major towns.

We are told the organizers have compiled a dossier which explains the extent to which such nude demos can humiliate, weaken Museveni while making his security personnel powerless in the face of wrinkled naked Kandahars.

Sources say besides physical confrontation with police which Lukwago, Besigye and others are prepared to lead, the protests will also have a women wing to be superintended over by Ingrid Turinawe and other bases in FDC women league.

This squad will oversee the execution of the naked demos meant to attract maximum local and international publicity for the struggle against Museveni and the current EC which they say is biased and can’t be trusted.

We are told the CIREN dossier captures examples in Uganda and other countries where naked protests delivered huge results.

It of course highlights the Amuru demo which saw much dreaded Aronda become powerless and flee on seeing unarmed babes parading their smelly wrinkled Kandahars.

“We have been having meetings and this extremist approach many in the meetings have bought as inevitable for us to humiliate the Museveni dictatorship,” said a CIREN insider close to organizers.

The other examples the CIREN dossier highlights include: areas where previously these naked protests have been used as a very powerful weapon of peaceful protests.

The dossier shows that a few years ago, naked women jumped onto the car of ex-IMF boss Straus Kahn protesting his participation in pimping and sex tourism and this brought him down and attracted publicity for his sex harassment scandal.

On another occasion naked women protested exploitation by powerful banks in London and they succeeded.

Then Russian model Liana Klevtsova spearheaded a naked protest against Putin’s economic policies in Russia and it was successful.

In July last year Australian model Robyn Lawley used Instagram to champion a naked demo against mining-related rights violations in that country.

In Mexico, naked women protested drug cartels’ abduction of 43 students and they succeeded.

The CIREN dossier also reflects on the Ugandan events in 2012.

In April 2012, semi-naked women activists (wearing only bras) raided CPS Kampala protesting mishandling of political activist Ingrid Turinawe and managed to bring unprecedented humiliation to the Ugandan Police.

They were led by Barbra Alimadi, the daughter to Obote II Premier Otema Alimadi.

In the same year, naked women in Washington protested against proposed cuts in HIV funding.

In 2000, close to 400 naked Kenyan women successfully protested President Moi’s River Tana project.

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