Security Vigilant As Al-Shabab Threatens Uganda With More Attacks

PoliceUgandan security agencies are on high alert after a senior member of Somalia’s al-Qaida-linked extremist rebels says his group will carry out more attacks in Uganda, Kenya and then in the U.S.

Fuad Shongole said in a speech broadcast on the rebels’ radio on Wednesday that al-Shabab fighters would carry out jihad, or holy war, in Uganda and Kenya “and afterward, with God’s will, to America.”

The U.S. Embassy in Uganda recently said it is upgrading security because of an increased threat of terrorism.

Al-Shabab this week carried out an ambush in northeastern Kenya that killed nine people, including four police officers and three police reservists.

Past attacks
In September last year, suspected al Shabaab terrorists attacked Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, staged a siege lasting several days which left at least 67 people dead. Four years ago, a twin-terror strike in Kampala by elements believed to be linked to the same Islamic fundamentalist group left at least 80 people dead in the Ugandan capital. Al shabaab later claimed the strike was in retaliation for Uganda’s participation in Amisom, the AU force established to pacify Somalia.

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4 thoughts on “Security Vigilant As Al-Shabab Threatens Uganda With More Attacks

  1. Governments’ involvement is foreign countries’ affairs are now causing innocent civilians to die. I hope South Sudan rebels will not do the same.

  2. Stop sending the UPDF to foreign countries and no attacks shall be imposed on the lives and properties of Ugandans.Talk peace and Unity and Uganda shall never be in troubles from the AL-Shabab

  3. This is the time our almighty police and intelligence to work and protect our country. Every Ugandan should be vigilant and do not blink. Al Shababu should be stopped at all cost. There is no reason to jusfy coming to Uganda and kill innocent people regardless updf peace keeping in theor country. Let everyone say NO to al shababu please

  4. we know that alshab are we thin what is inspector of police doing to protect Ugandan only teagas

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